Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slow to Write

I am sorry that it has been a while posting here. I think of it often too, since my goal this year was to write more. ;) Although, in my defense, I have been doing a lot over here.

Work has kept me busy this summer with preparing for the camp's Free Methodist events in August. I am going to be teaching preschool during the family camp's weekend. I have been preparing for that. I have also been doing all of the registrations for families and youth camp.

When I am not at work, I have been enjoying the summer with Ethan. We have tried to go to Story Time at the local library, the park, spending time with Auntie, Uncle, and Sarah. Ethan also loves to visit the water parks in town to cool down. It has been terribly hot lately and our house is cooled down by a few air conditioners which make life much more pleasant.

We were blessed with the opportunity to go to the beach last week and it was lovely. Even if we had to get back into town for me to work that afternoon, it was worth it. It was relaxing, cool, and Ethan would dig in the sand all day if he could. He was as happy as could be.

Sunday is our family's reunion. It will be exciting to see what everyone thinks of the heritage album. I am also looking forward to Dave meeting all of his family and getting closer to them. He plans on barbecuing since that is his gift. Susie, Jack's cousin, is going to be doing a presentation about the family too. I really am looking forward to hearing it!

I am sorry, blog, that I have been slow to write you. But, I promise to come back sooner than last time. Hugs!