Monday, May 30, 2011

Update is Well Deserved

So much has happened in the last few months that it has been hard to keep up on the family blog. Although, I love to journal and record our family's stories it's the challenges that are hard to write about. When I get older I want to be like my mother who says that we were angels and never did anything wrong. Although I am sure her memory is quite altered, I am sure she never had to deal with the extremes that Dave and I have to deal with. ;)

So instead, I will do what Becca did recently on her blog. I want to share a list of things that we are into right now.

1. Eating clean. Dave and I have been eating clean since the beginning of the year. I actually like avocados, tomatoes (in moderation), and fruit and vegetables haven't tasted this good. Things I miss... chocolate in large quantities. ;)

2. We moved into town. I love being able to run to the grocery store without it taking several hours. We are ten minutes from Becca's work, the post office, Walmart, Safeway, Trader Joe's (opening soon), and Winco! I can make several stops and still get home before lunch.

3. We started our own vegetable garden.

4. We live near several parks for Ethan to play on. We love to run, play chase, go down the slide, and swing high. Dave meets us there sometimes on his way home from work.

5. Vintage cartoons are Ethan's favorite. He loves Tom and Jerry and laughs hysterically every time they fall over. Which means he laughs non-stop.

6. Relaxing in our sitting room with a fire and reading a good book. All three of us end up doing this together.

7. Dave is into finding new reciepes to surprise me with. It is like eating at a restaruant every night while not gaining a pound! ;)

8. We now get local television and have been shamelessly watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and The Office. I love the antenna. ;)

9. We watch movies after Ethan goes down. Dave usually falls asleep during the first ten minutes. I then stay up and finish it and have to roll him off the sofa to get him to bed afterwards. ;)

10. Laying back and relaxing on the weekends. Since we live in town and I am not working evenings, it seems like we have more time to enjoy our weekends.

I loved making this list. It helps me to see how much God really has blessed us with our new home and neighborhood. We see our family more and treasure our family time.