Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Day

Although Dave had to work Easter morning at church and go home so he could sleep to work that night, we had a great Easter. I went over to Dave's parents' house. Ethan was having a blast - of course they have a dog! Mom had great food (as always!) and baskets for all the kids. Ethan loved his toys and Gerber cookies (with no egg!). Since Ethan had been up since 6:30am he was a little tired. I rocked him to sleep. In the meantime, Tammy and Jessica brought eggs for the kids to have an egg hunt. They saved a few for Ethan and when he woke up all the adults went outside with Ethan to watch him have his very first egg hunt! Tammy took this awesome picture of Ethan. John was such a good uncle and helped out a lot! It really made up for Dave not being there. I hope your Easter was great too!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Big Day

Ethan had an eventful day. Let me share with you the details:

1. Woke up to Ethan's gibberish. Got up, changed his clothes, gave him his cup of milk, and let him play a while before Dave got home.

2. Dave came home and played a bit before Ethan all of a sudden decided he was tired again.

3. Laid down, thinking that I could get a little more sleep. Ten minutes later, Ethan decided he didn't want a nap.

4. Took a shower and quickly changed since Ethan was now crying... Sound familiar?

5. Fed Ethan breakfast and got ready for the trip to town.

6. Searched the next fifteen minutes for items that should be in the diaper bag that aren't. Found them in Dave's car.

7. Left for town and went to the Lovin' Oven! Got Joanne's birthday present which was several pieces of cake to choose from. The manager gave Ethan a shortbread cookie (which contains no egg) and Ethan kept saying "mmmm". When he was done with the cookie he stared down a man eating some yummy pastry looking thing.

8. We went across the street to the barber shop to say hi to Roxi. I just found out that she had a shop in town. She is a close friend's sister. She has never got to meet Ethan and I thought it would be the polite thing to do since she could of seen us walk across the street to the Lovin' Oven. Ethan was surprised to see everyone staring at him...

9. We picked up Spud (Ethan's favorite stuffed dog) out of the gutter, now wet and filthy. Wow! We almost lost him!

10. We drove into the post office parking lot. We couldn't drive by without seeing Uncle Ray. We went in the back to see the chicks that came in the mail. The chirping was so funny to hear in the mail room. Ethan kept signing dog. Hmmm... maybe he doesn't know what a dog is...

11. We went to Joanne's and had a blast! Jonathan kept following Ethan telling him "no." It was funny when Eric was doing dishes, Ethan grabbed a fork and ran! Jonathan ran after him, took it out of Ethan's hand, said "no", and ran and put it back. For a 18 month old he is pretty good at taking care of his friends. We had lunch and played some more.

12. The minute I began to drive Ethan fell asleep. I went to check out Josh and Becca's house next. I didn't get past the kitchen. There are a lot of people inside! Everyone is working hard on the staircase and other stuff that carpenters do... :) It's not my house... I have no clue what anyone else was doing... :)

13. When we got home Ethan and I laid down for a nap! Can you believe it? Me neither...

14. After nap, the medication wore off and Ethan was in pain from teething those molars. So... needless to say, it was not a pretty sight at dinner time.

15. Bedtime came quickly and now peace once again... sigh!

16. Ethan is now crying upstairs... Wow, the peace and quiet lasted all of ten minutes.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Up a Horse's Nostril

Wow... I haven't posted anything in a long while. For those who don't know - our family is sick! Really sick...

First Ethan was sick and broke out in the hive-thing. We now know that he is allergic to eggs. So... he looks a lot better now.

Last week I was very sick with whatever the kids at school decided to share with me. It was horrible. I lost my voice and I found out that mom's don't get sick-time. So I was at work every day, planned and executed our school's Open House, and came home to take care of the house and my family. The days I was home Ethan was sick with what I had. It was so not fun.

Today, I got a phone call from Dave letting me know that he needed some medication from the store because he is sick. I was given a list of five different medications! The cashier was looking at me weird! I laughed when I saw Dave in bed... what a baby! I asked him why I didn't get any sympathy when I was sick? I reminded him that I took no medication, worked twice as hard at work, and at home! Men when they are sick... :)

The only thing that has kept me going this week is taking Ethan every day to house sit 3 dogs. On the way to see the dogs yesterday, there was a horse at the gate of a pasture. So, I pulled over and got Ethan out to see the horse. I signed "horse" and held him up to the animal. Ethan then decided to put his finger in the horse's nostril. Well... I guess if I was 1 I would probably wonder what the big hole was on the horse's face too. Anyway, the whole way home today he was signing "horse." But, the horse wasn't there... so sad.