Sunday, November 18, 2007

What an Amazing Week!

Have you ever been at that point, during a trial in your life, where you just plead with God, "Where are you?" Monday I was there. Our mortgage was due, bills needed to be paid, and Dave found out that he has to have the lung surgery at the end of this month. So... a month and a half out of work is a little frightening. Dave's family blessed us with our mortgage payment... I am so thankful for a family that cares whether we live under a bridge or not. :)

Monday night Dave gets a call from a friend at work. There are guys working overtime for Dave! Just the thought of it brought tears to my eyes. Dave obviously means a lot to these guys. Dave's friend said, "Dave, just get the surgery. Don't worry about money. Your family needs you. Don't put the surgery off." What a testimony.

Then five minutes after that phone call, we get another from our good friends Paul and Lynn. They own the Preschool and Kindergarten at our church. They knew that we needed help and so they offered me a job at the preschool as a head teacher. Not only that but they want me to direct the Preschool so that Lynn can just focus the Kindergarten. The touching part of it is... Lynn is giving me 2/3 of her salary to do it. If I stay on, next year I can make full wage, which is more than I have made teaching - ever - let alone only three days a week for only 6 hours a day!

But there's more! Wednesday, someone pulled up to our church and found a member walking inside. They asked her, "Do you know Dave Evans?" She said that she did. Then, they handed her an envelope and said, "Can you give this to him for me?" She asked him if he wanted to tell her his name so Dave would know who it was from and they said no and ran off. They parked around the back of the church so that no one could tell who it was. Inside was a money order for $500. Praise God!

You know... sometimes we do feel like we are walking through the fiery furnace (Daniel 3)wondering when God will show up to take off our bonds. He does. We just need to trust that he will...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stamp Fever!

So... Lynn asked me to help her make the invitations to her First Annual Christmas Dinner Theatre for her Kindergarten class. While I was at Craft Warehouse yesterday I came across this stamp! Too cute! I had to let you see the progress of the card. I was ok with deciding to make these since Lynn only needs 10 cards!

I couldn't imagine stamping, coloring with watercolor pencils, adding water with a water brush to blend the color, cutting, adding the glitter, inking, and placing each design on the card with adhesive for more than 10! It was fun though... the holidays always gets me stampin'!

My Birthday!

Look what Ethan gave me for my birthday! It is a turquoise and brown Bible!

Hey, They Say It's Your Birthday...

Well, Dave threw me my first surprise party! Both Becca and I started the day by going off to the scrapbook store and Craft Warehouse. Josh helped keep us "busy" while my house filled with friends and family.

Our five year old friend, Alyssa, helped us blow out our birthday cake (made special by my mother-in-law). My favorite birthday present would have to be from my father-in-law. It was an RC (his favorite soda - I tend to get one when I am over when I need a little caffeine only cause he likes me. They are like gold at his house) and Mentos (which is his favorite candy that he carries with him in his car. I like to get a few whenever he takes me out).
Even though Ethan was sick, he wasn't going to go to bed! He had a blast with everyone over! After everyone went home, Becca and I went back to the Open House at Craft Warehouse! I got some goodies as did Becca. We really had a blast!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

He Did It!

So Ethan has conquered the stairs! There's only three, but as you can tell, it's a big accomplishment for him! I give him two weeks before he tears this place up!

Look at Our New Tree!

Look at our new tree! The church blessed us with a Japanese Maple "Coral Bark." The leaves are green in spring and summer and turn bright yellow during the fall. Then during the winter the bark is a brilliant coral red. It is so awesome!

Dave's parents got me these flowers and the cute bench for our porch for my
birthday. They gave it early so that I could enjoy the blooms. Normally I don't get plants for my birthday because of the season, so it was great to enjoy them early!

In the picture of the tree you can see the old
sidewalk broken up... my plan is to have a garden and fence in it's place. When the
guys came from the church to plant the tree, they saw the concrete and told me that they would come back for it soon! Also, they are going to rototille the places that I am going to make for a new garden.

Then on Saturday, while we were out, Gary and Carolyn called and said that they had dirt for us! They are going to bring more so that our yard will be level with the driveway put in last year. It is so awesome to have friends and family that continue to bless us! It brings a smile especially with the news last week that Dave will have to have surgery on his lung in a couple of weeks.