Monday, December 31, 2007

Ethan's First Snow Day!

I promised another picture of Ethan in the snow. Look at this one! I love his new smile with those teeth showing through! It melts my heart!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great Christmas Eve with Becca and Josh. Check out her blog to see the cutest video of Ethan! Then on Christmas we spent the day with Dave's family in Keizer. The best part was the snow! It was my first Christmas that I can remember with snow! Plus, today we have more snow out where we live. Ethan's loved his first snow! He ate a snowball!

Friday, December 21, 2007

On Christmas Break!

I am so excited! I am on Christmas Break from school and to start the holiday off, we are all sick! It seems as if my immune system isn't what it use to be. I knew I would be getting sick because I have been out of the classroom for a year, but I thought I would at least last more than a week! So pray for us... Ethan has it and now Dave isn't feeling good. It's not good for him to be sick! He keeps on sneezing and that lung of his could go again!

In spite of the illness... yesterday was the Kindergarten's program. It went so well! My boss forgot that she asked Dave to be in the play when she wanted him to take pictures. So guess who was the photographer? Yep, me! Dave set up the camera for me and I got to take the pictures and I did a pretty good job! It is scary to have the pressure... but I came through! The program was awesome and I am glad not to have Dave wearing his head piece around the house.

So here is a great video of our Christmas tree that Becca so beautifully decorated.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Silent Film of Ethan...

I am sure you can imagine what he is saying...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Prepare the way for Christ's Birth

So, Dave has been casted as "Joesph" in school's Kindergarten Program. Mind you, he has no lines but it is a pretty important roll. He sits in the manger looking at "Jesus" with loving eyes. Dave has been practicing often and loves to wear his costume around the house while saying, "It's not easy raising the Son of God." I am just glad that when we went to get Chinese the other night, he took off his tunic and head piece.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Laughing About the Little Things

Besides the fact that Dave is laid up and unable to even hold his son... we are doing well. I have to smile about the small but funny things or the stress of this last week will break me! Let me tell you some of the funny things that has happened since Dave's surgery:
  • Dave only remembers Eric and Joanne visiting in the hospital because Eric is growing a goatee
  • Dave told me that I needed to go and get more meds cause he only had one more left. Then I looked in the container and there were several. He said that he must of dreamt it. What a nightmare!
  • We were watching a television show and something was so funny that I slapped Dave while laughing... right on Dave's side... whoops! I felt terrible but now it's funny
  • I am forced to watch Lord of the Rings Extended Version... yes... all of them! Wait, I am not sure if that is very humorous.
  • Ethan can now out crawl Dave. Now that's funny.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

We Miss Dave!

Dave had his surgery and is in the hospital. Can you believe that his lung collapsed again the night before surgery?! We couldn't believe it ourselves. My poor husband had two garden hoses (chest tubes) coming out of him, a drainage tube, and two large areas stapled where they went into his lung to staple the top and bottom of it. He will for sure have several war wounds after this is all over. It is hard to have Dave in the hospital while we are at home. Becca and Josh took us yesterday to see Dave and Josh took me today while Becca watched Ethan. Sometimes I am able to call him and talk while Ethan is in bed. It brings us to our dating days when we would talk on the phone late at night just to hear each other's voice... I will be glad to have my prince safe, home, and better again.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What an Amazing Week!

Have you ever been at that point, during a trial in your life, where you just plead with God, "Where are you?" Monday I was there. Our mortgage was due, bills needed to be paid, and Dave found out that he has to have the lung surgery at the end of this month. So... a month and a half out of work is a little frightening. Dave's family blessed us with our mortgage payment... I am so thankful for a family that cares whether we live under a bridge or not. :)

Monday night Dave gets a call from a friend at work. There are guys working overtime for Dave! Just the thought of it brought tears to my eyes. Dave obviously means a lot to these guys. Dave's friend said, "Dave, just get the surgery. Don't worry about money. Your family needs you. Don't put the surgery off." What a testimony.

Then five minutes after that phone call, we get another from our good friends Paul and Lynn. They own the Preschool and Kindergarten at our church. They knew that we needed help and so they offered me a job at the preschool as a head teacher. Not only that but they want me to direct the Preschool so that Lynn can just focus the Kindergarten. The touching part of it is... Lynn is giving me 2/3 of her salary to do it. If I stay on, next year I can make full wage, which is more than I have made teaching - ever - let alone only three days a week for only 6 hours a day!

But there's more! Wednesday, someone pulled up to our church and found a member walking inside. They asked her, "Do you know Dave Evans?" She said that she did. Then, they handed her an envelope and said, "Can you give this to him for me?" She asked him if he wanted to tell her his name so Dave would know who it was from and they said no and ran off. They parked around the back of the church so that no one could tell who it was. Inside was a money order for $500. Praise God!

You know... sometimes we do feel like we are walking through the fiery furnace (Daniel 3)wondering when God will show up to take off our bonds. He does. We just need to trust that he will...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stamp Fever!

So... Lynn asked me to help her make the invitations to her First Annual Christmas Dinner Theatre for her Kindergarten class. While I was at Craft Warehouse yesterday I came across this stamp! Too cute! I had to let you see the progress of the card. I was ok with deciding to make these since Lynn only needs 10 cards!

I couldn't imagine stamping, coloring with watercolor pencils, adding water with a water brush to blend the color, cutting, adding the glitter, inking, and placing each design on the card with adhesive for more than 10! It was fun though... the holidays always gets me stampin'!

My Birthday!

Look what Ethan gave me for my birthday! It is a turquoise and brown Bible!

Hey, They Say It's Your Birthday...

Well, Dave threw me my first surprise party! Both Becca and I started the day by going off to the scrapbook store and Craft Warehouse. Josh helped keep us "busy" while my house filled with friends and family.

Our five year old friend, Alyssa, helped us blow out our birthday cake (made special by my mother-in-law). My favorite birthday present would have to be from my father-in-law. It was an RC (his favorite soda - I tend to get one when I am over when I need a little caffeine only cause he likes me. They are like gold at his house) and Mentos (which is his favorite candy that he carries with him in his car. I like to get a few whenever he takes me out).
Even though Ethan was sick, he wasn't going to go to bed! He had a blast with everyone over! After everyone went home, Becca and I went back to the Open House at Craft Warehouse! I got some goodies as did Becca. We really had a blast!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

He Did It!

So Ethan has conquered the stairs! There's only three, but as you can tell, it's a big accomplishment for him! I give him two weeks before he tears this place up!

Look at Our New Tree!

Look at our new tree! The church blessed us with a Japanese Maple "Coral Bark." The leaves are green in spring and summer and turn bright yellow during the fall. Then during the winter the bark is a brilliant coral red. It is so awesome!

Dave's parents got me these flowers and the cute bench for our porch for my
birthday. They gave it early so that I could enjoy the blooms. Normally I don't get plants for my birthday because of the season, so it was great to enjoy them early!

In the picture of the tree you can see the old
sidewalk broken up... my plan is to have a garden and fence in it's place. When the
guys came from the church to plant the tree, they saw the concrete and told me that they would come back for it soon! Also, they are going to rototille the places that I am going to make for a new garden.

Then on Saturday, while we were out, Gary and Carolyn called and said that they had dirt for us! They are going to bring more so that our yard will be level with the driveway put in last year. It is so awesome to have friends and family that continue to bless us! It brings a smile especially with the news last week that Dave will have to have surgery on his lung in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Breathing is Overrated

As I mentioned yesterday, Dave has been having a hard time breathing. The pain in his chest reminded him of when his lung collapsed two years ago. I remember him not wanting to go to the doctor then, and he would say, "Breathing is overrated." Well, after having a chest tube put in, I think his opinion has changed a little.

Dave and I went to the specialist yesterday and found out that Dave does have a collapsed lung. If the doctor had seen him Wednesday when it began he would of admitted Dave. The lung is getting better so... he doesn't have to go into the hospital. But Dave has to take an easy for the next month. Otherwise the hole in his lung will get bigger and Dave will have to have surgery to repair it.

Our prayer requests are: For Dave's lung to be healed. For the hole in the lung not to open again so that Dave won't have to have surgery. Dave to be back to work as soon as possible (we can't afford to have him out and as of right now he can't be at work for two weeks to a month). For Dave to feel like he can breathe again and pain to be gone.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Life's Little Things

Dave's been having trouble breathing and has taken a few days off of work. He has been to the doctor and it is possible that he has another hole in his lung. We will find out later this afternoon at the Pulmonary Specialist.

Ali Edwards' new book has been helping me look around for life's little treasures. It made me laugh to see Dave playing video games or watching television this morning. There he is next to the line of remotes that irritates me to no end! We have a remote for everything! We have a remote for the ceiling fan, dish, television, dvd, and surround sound/cd player (pictured top to bottom) Those that are not photographed are the vcr and air conditioner! Talk about crazy! What is really funny is that if you push "play" on the dvd player the cd player plays cause they are both Sony! So what chaos we have when just trying to relax to watch a movie!

Back to this morning... Dave was relaxing and I was reading my new book while Ethan was eating breakfast. Here he is taking a little peek at me. Dave and I were a little sad to watch Ethan eating. He is a big boy and eating with out any help! It is nice to slow down, have a seat, look around, and notice the little things.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Watch and Pray

This video really makes you think. Didn't Jesus tell us that there will be persecution? Sometimes it is easy to say, "That was during Bible times." Beth Moore mentioned during the study of Daniel chapter 5 that if it doesn't affect us personally that we don't really relate to the experience. Well, as you know, now it does affect us personally. Watch and pray.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ethan and Jen at Willamette University

Two Out of Four

Here are our Donna Downey inspired canvas art. I used pages from Pilgrim's Progress for the words. It was kind of funny how Becca and I were deciding what pages to use. It's not like we can rip out pages in a Bible to glue to a canvas. If I printed out scripture off the computer the ink can smear. Becca asked, "Why not C.S. Lewis books?" Well... Dave wouldn't be too happy if he woke up for dinner and found all his books torn apart for my art work. While I was looking I found my copy of Pilgrim's Progress and thought that would work perfectly since it was mine. I was going to go to the library's book sale and they always have copies there. I could just pick up another. As I was having a blast tearing out pages the cover flipped open and there it was written vintage edition. Oh, dear! I forgot that I bought this copy for a little more and here I was tearing it up! Oh, well. It tells a good story. The artwork will at least be hanging up so many will see it. It went to good use! Becca and I are going to work on the next two on Saturday. I will try and post the finished pieces!

On the Farm

Ethan loves playing in his farm space. Dumping the vegetables out of the wheelbarrow and chewing on the boots is what he loves the most. Mmm yum!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Canvas on the Brain

This is the second night in a row that I haven't been able to sleep. Becca and I have been asked to create artwork to display in the newly decorated Youth Room at our church. So, Becca has been emailing me ideas for the last two to three weeks while my head feels like it's going to explode with creativity unable to get out... I say that after I have tested two canvases and painted two of our four in the series. It is bad. I can't sleep cause I see Ali Edward's canvas art. I can't sleep cause I see everything in my art room that I "could use" as a painting tool. I can't sleep cause I can see sayings, quotes, scripture floating around. I can't sleep cause I see myself at Craft Warehouse buying stacks of canvases for myself, Becca's birthday, Thanksgiving presents, and Christmas presents. But... the real reason I might not be able to sleep is because of that cup of pop I drank right before bed. Man...

Worship Night at Church

Red heads do run in the family

We were able to take Heather's senior portraits yesterday. Heather is so proud that Ethan has red hair too! She was starting to doubt that red heads run in this family. I love Ethan's smile in this picture. Guess what he is smiling at? His crazy mom jumping up and down behind Daddy. Well, it worked! Look at that laugh!

Autumn Sunday

It was crisp and beautiful at Whispering Heights just days after harvest. Dave was able to take these pictures of the vineyard. The air was warm, which was surprising since there had been storms all week. The grapes left over from the harvest were going to go to waste so Paul and Lynn invited us for an ol' fashion grape stomping! Autumn called it "toe jam." I thought it was cold and very sticky. When I got home I took off my sock and it was stuck to my leg with grape juice! I also was able to climb my first tree. To my embarrassment, in front of Autumn's friends, I got stuck in the tree too. Sorry, I'm not posting any of those
pictures! Lynn laughed so hard... she thought my mishap was hilarious. After stomping, Lynn and I watched "A Walk in the Clouds." It was a great end of the day.

My sister...

Is the best! We were in town on Saturday getting Dave's camera back from our photographer friend, when Becca called and asked if I was close enough to the scrapbooking store. We were too far away to turn around when she told me that Ali Edwards was there scrapbooking! Ahhh! Crazy! Becca and Josh bought me her new book and had it signed. Not only that but I asked her if she could ask Ali where she gets her son's schedule cards (check out her article in CK magazine) cause I sent mine to Deb! Of course I wouldn't of asked Ali if I was there because I would of been too embarrassed but... Becca did! It's

Later that night we went to Worship Night at church and Dave was able to take pictures. I love this one of Ethan at the alter.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Memories Almost Lost

It has been an interesting few weeks. I haven't been able to post any new photos of Ethan because our laptop started acting up! It wouldn't boot up. We thought that all of our photos of Ethan were going to be lost! I had been really lazy and didn't put them on CDs! I have heard of horror stories about how people lost every photo because of a computer problem. Well, we had a friend of ours look at the laptop and after 2 days was able to take all the pictures and put them on a memory card for us! Yeah! So, I now need to learn how to use our other computer to post our pictures. In the meantime, Becca always keeps up her blog so check hers out to see the videos of Ethan! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ethan has grown so much!

Ethan has grown so much! When I look at this picture it is hard to believe that he is already 6 months old! He has been so much fun! He has found his voice and is talking - more like screaming- all day long. He has started getting on all fours and rocking, so we think he will be crawling very soon! His first teeth popped in this week. To our surprise, Ethan hasn't been as cranky as we thought with his first teeth coming in. A little fussy and tired is all. Dave did a great job taking this picture of him yesterday.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Matt and Deb at Ordination

Deb sent a picture of Matt getting ordained and I had to share it. Matthew looks smashing in his tie! We are so proud of both of them!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deb and Matt are leaving August 13th

Deb called yesterday and they have their tickets for Israel. I am so excited for them but going to miss them more than I can say! Pray for their lives and safety.

Dave's a Great Uncle!

Korissa May was born Sunday. Here is Jessica with her sweet baby. Grandparents John and Tammy are with her. She is 3 lbs 13 oz.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thank you Grandma for my new highchair!

Ethan is still learning how to sit up in his new highchair. Thank you Grandma!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Getting To Know One Another

Today we had a new friend named Ashley come over with Evie. We all met at church and so it was really awesome to get to know each other better. Lynn, Amy, and Hayden came over too! It was a lot of fun. We had some really great laughs! Ashley just got married a month ago so we looked at her MySpace to see some pictures. We were laughing so hard that it brought tears! We had a blast!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

This one's for Carol!

Sorry, Carol, I don't give into peer pressure very well. There is no way I could do the Chicken Lips song for you to record on camera. But to make it up to you, here is another one of my favorites...

A Day of Vistors

Yesterday, Becca got to stay the night scrapbooking until we dropped...which for us was about 9:30pm, watched a movie, and went to bed at midnight. We are sooo old! Becca did one card and a 8x8 two page layout. That's it! I at least slammed out a few pages. Of course without the journaling and titles done. We are so pathetic! This morning Josh came to pick Becca up to go fishing.

A few hours later Lynn, Amy, and Hayden came to visit. We started a movie and then had to keep stopping it to take care of the babies. We sat the best friends together and I think Ethan really got to see Hayden for the first time. We got these precious shots. We couldn't stop laughing!

Then about an hour later, Carol and Sharon came to visit. I can't believe that Grandma came twice in one week! We were so blessed! I captured this photo of Ethan talking to his grandma.

We really had a great time visiting with Carol and Sharon. I hope they both come again really soon.