Sunday, December 2, 2007

We Miss Dave!

Dave had his surgery and is in the hospital. Can you believe that his lung collapsed again the night before surgery?! We couldn't believe it ourselves. My poor husband had two garden hoses (chest tubes) coming out of him, a drainage tube, and two large areas stapled where they went into his lung to staple the top and bottom of it. He will for sure have several war wounds after this is all over. It is hard to have Dave in the hospital while we are at home. Becca and Josh took us yesterday to see Dave and Josh took me today while Becca watched Ethan. Sometimes I am able to call him and talk while Ethan is in bed. It brings us to our dating days when we would talk on the phone late at night just to hear each other's voice... I will be glad to have my prince safe, home, and better again.


Josh & Becca said...

Welcome Home, Dave!

Kati said...

I am so happy to hear that his surgery went smoothly and that Dave is home recovering! I hope your holidays are wonderful. Hopefully I'll see you next month when I'm visiting!!