Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blessed Weekends

The last few weekends we have been busy doing several photo shoots. It has been such a blessing to be involved in peoples lives. After Bill and Barbara Grinder were visiting for Josh's birthday we did a family shoot for a friend of mine. The shoot was at their father's house which was by a creek. When you crossed the creek, you followed a trail to a large open field. Ethan joined us. He wanted his picture in the field too! Ha!

Last weekend we did our first wedding of the season. It was such a blessing to photograph our friends. It is always amazing to be a part of a Christian wedding. It just touched my heart!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Eric gave me Memorial Day off which I was thankful for! Dave and I decided at the last minute that we would go to the coast Sunday and stayed overnight. It would be Ethan's first hotel experience. Do you know, we took the camera and never took one picture?! Ha! We did get great video footage of Ethan on the beach playing.

While we were on the beach people were flying kites, the weather was perfect for it. It was actually the first time I have been at the Oregon coast comfortable (and not cold!). After going to the beach we went to the hotel pool. Ethan has never been swimming in a pool before and I have never seen him so happy! So tired too! But, it was one of the best times we have had as a family.

Marion Lake

Dave was able to take two day trips into Marion Lake this last month. I was so thankful when it happened. He couldn't stop talking about fishing! Everything was fishing. He even re-strung his real twice. The first trip he took with Josh and it snowed hard the whole time! Dave brought back two fish and some hilarious video footage. I wish we had photos but glad the camera was home since it snowed so hard. We got to eat the fish the night after. That was one of the most gourmet meals Dave has ever cooked for me!

Dave and Eric also got to go fishing for a day at Marion Lake. It was beautiful weather then and they both came home with fish (two for Dave and three for Eric). Plus, Dave got a little sunburn.

It Looks Like Rain

When we got our first Craft Warehouse assignment, Becca came over for dinner with her vintage umbrella. I guess the line inspired her to get photos with the thing. Well, that and the excuse that I needed a photo shoot cause I got my hair cut that day. Whatever...

So, we were taking photos with her point and shoot when I finally gave up and went inside for our camera. I mean, there is a reason we have that thing, right? So, within ten or fifteen minutes (while at the same time Ethan yelling for us to come in at the window) we had these photos. Becca sat with me while I edited them and the boys played video games (the little man was fast asleep). She got to see how I edit and had some say in how "vintage" these look. I just love them! I can't wait until our next photo shoot! I am already planning another vintage shoot!

Oh, by the way, that 5 bucks for each umbrella was so worth it! Can you believe these were taken right outside my front door?

Christmas in May

In addition to being the Craft Warehouse Design Team Leader,  I was also accepted on the Momenta Design Team (a scrapbooking manufacture). For being on each team, you get product to create samples with to display in stores and online.

Can you imagine my excitement when I received both my boxes in one day? The hard part was that I was at work when UPS arrived at the office with the boxes. So, I sat working with the boxes sitting next to me the whole time. I couldn't wait to get them home. Eric made fun of me driving my car across camp to work, but I knew I wouldn't of been able to carry the boxes home.

$500 from Craft Warehouse laid out on the table.

$200 of Momenta product on the table. To see what I created with this stuff go to my crafty blog, Create Often.

National Scrapbook Day

For those that don't scrap, yes, there actually is a day set aside for just scrapbooking! During the retreat was National Scrapbook Day. Becca and I hopped on over to our dear Craft Warehouse while Sarah was sweet enough to watch Ethan. Becca took her camera inside and even made me pose at check out. So embarrassing.

We found out about the week before that Becca made the design team for Craft Warehouse this year. I was asked to be Team Leader (which is the only way you can serve two terms in a row). So, we are both on the team together! This is very rare. She and nine others were chosen out of over 70 artists. It's a big deal that twins are on the team together!

Women's Retreat

Our conference had a Women's Retreat here at the camp. Although I was working doing registration, I was able to (quickly change) and do an ice breaker game. Becca got this photo of me beginning.

It was great. During the icebreaker, Sarah was partnered up with Thelma Wells, our guest speaker! Sweet! It was amazing to hear about women being changed during that event. There was even physical healing for a woman during the weekend. We always need to be reminded about how God is a God that is alive and working today! Thelma really spoke to my heart about situational depression (not the same as clinical depression which is a disease). The things she helped me to remember is to not be negative (mentally or verbally) and to get involved (have purpose in your life).

Mommie Gets Married

This is the only picture I have of Mommie's visit before she moved with her new husband George. We were able to meet George after the wedding and I have to say I really like the man. He has quite a sense of humor and a passion for the scriptures.

Becca took this photo of her while they were out for coffee. The newlyweds are getting settled after moving back to Santa Maria. She told me how she is loving the church and church family. This makes me really excited for her new journey with the Lord and her husband.

Dad's Retirement

What a blessing it was for Dave to go to Dad's retirement party that Roth's put on for him in West Salem. Dave was able to capture every bit of emotion. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the event.

Dad's boss knew a cartoon artist and had a picture of Dad sent to the guy. They told him everything Dad loved and this is what came of it. In the drawing you can see Dad's favorite RC drink, fishing poles, signs that direct to garage sales, tv dinners (I guess when he worked in Woodburn he would eat a Banquet TV dinner everyday), gun for hunting, and of course his flannel shirt.

Dad dressed in a polo shirt and jeans to some-what dress nice for the event. They brought a flannel for him to wear. Everyone came wearing flannel shirts. LOL!

I love this photo Dave captured. It really just showed how much everyone loved Dad no matter the age. I heard one gal say to him, "I just don't know what we are going to do with out you, Jack." Do you know what his answer was, "Oh, you'll survive." I don't think he realized what an impact he had on the many stores he worked at, but he did. Maybe he didn't realize it until after the party.

Heather came home from Iraq just a couple of days before Dad's retirement. This picture of Heather and Mom I just love.

So, Dad was at work about a week before the party receiving product on a truck. Then he sees this box. He says, "Who ordered this?!" The driver jokingly says (and also ruining the surprise a bit), "Didn't you know Jack? It's yours!" It was a $1000 Tregar  Barbecue. Of course Jack came home giddy but didn't want to get his hopes up cause maybe the guy was really joking. But, at the party, there was the box with a banner over the front and a bow on top. He was able to open it in front of everything. What a gift for him! He made room for it on his porch the next day (bringing us his old one that can only cook a couple of burgers on compared to this baby!).

This is a picture of Orval Roth and his son who manages all the Roth's. Dad said about a week before the party, that Orval came into his backroom, and waltzed right up to him and said, "I'm having pizza with you next week!" Dad said, "All I could say was, 'Umm yes sir," while nodding his head. I guess Dad said he couldn't remember Orval ever going to a retirement party. 

What Happened?

So, maybe some of you are wondering what happened to the Evans family? Are we sick? No, well we were all sick with the flu several weeks ago and are now well. Have we moved? No, been there. Done that. Have we been working more? No more than usual. On vacation? Dave got to go fishing twice last month and we got to go to the Oregon coast for Memorial Day. So what's my excuse for leaving my friends and family hanging for two months? One word. Frustration. Yes, this whole "blog design" got a bit of the best of me and I have actually tried posting photos several times for the system to crash. For some that means to just keep trying until it is conquered. For me it means wait. Wait until I was ready to come back and try it again.

Instead of doing Week in the Life, I am just going to try and post photos and a quick narrative of what has happened this last month. Fair? Good. Cause I don't know how many more times I can try and post about Dad's retirement party without loosing it. ;)