Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mommie Gets Married

This is the only picture I have of Mommie's visit before she moved with her new husband George. We were able to meet George after the wedding and I have to say I really like the man. He has quite a sense of humor and a passion for the scriptures.

Becca took this photo of her while they were out for coffee. The newlyweds are getting settled after moving back to Santa Maria. She told me how she is loving the church and church family. This makes me really excited for her new journey with the Lord and her husband.

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Jessica Gray said...

So excited to see a new post! I think that EVERYONE must have gotten caught up in summer this year, LOL...Everyones so behind in posting. I loved your WHOLE blog, especially Ethan's book he made. That is so creative and amazingly cute! LOVED IT....You and your family are all amazing!!!