Sunday, June 6, 2010

It Looks Like Rain

When we got our first Craft Warehouse assignment, Becca came over for dinner with her vintage umbrella. I guess the line inspired her to get photos with the thing. Well, that and the excuse that I needed a photo shoot cause I got my hair cut that day. Whatever...

So, we were taking photos with her point and shoot when I finally gave up and went inside for our camera. I mean, there is a reason we have that thing, right? So, within ten or fifteen minutes (while at the same time Ethan yelling for us to come in at the window) we had these photos. Becca sat with me while I edited them and the boys played video games (the little man was fast asleep). She got to see how I edit and had some say in how "vintage" these look. I just love them! I can't wait until our next photo shoot! I am already planning another vintage shoot!

Oh, by the way, that 5 bucks for each umbrella was so worth it! Can you believe these were taken right outside my front door?

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