Sunday, June 6, 2010

National Scrapbook Day

For those that don't scrap, yes, there actually is a day set aside for just scrapbooking! During the retreat was National Scrapbook Day. Becca and I hopped on over to our dear Craft Warehouse while Sarah was sweet enough to watch Ethan. Becca took her camera inside and even made me pose at check out. So embarrassing.

We found out about the week before that Becca made the design team for Craft Warehouse this year. I was asked to be Team Leader (which is the only way you can serve two terms in a row). So, we are both on the team together! This is very rare. She and nine others were chosen out of over 70 artists. It's a big deal that twins are on the team together!

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Rebecca Grinder said...

I love being on the team together!