Saturday, August 30, 2008

Craft Night

Dave came home half an hour early so that I could go to the Anne-athon. It was so much fun. I finished my projects to sit and relax with the girls. :)

Here are a few of the projects that I am working on for Christmas presents. Too bad I have no idea who is getting what... so you all will have to wait. I started the first project by drilling these dominoes. Then did a stain with a stamped image on top. I can't tell you what they will become without ruining the surprise. Here are two, I did about 15.

After that, I began my next project. Christmas vintage bottle cap magnets. They are so cute! I am going to give them away as sets of four.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Daily Grind

Who knew? I had to laugh when I saw an ad in Creating Keepsakes for the new Fancy Pants paper line. Should Becca get a cut in the profits?

Updated Scrapblog

A Little Bit of Heaven

Seeing Red

Dave got so excited to crab. He rushed out to get his license and pulled the crab rings out of the garage. He joined the other men out on the bay crabbing and chatted with them. They all were catching a lot but had to throw them back because they were either female or too small. Finally, hours later Dave caught a male! To his surprise it was alive and only had half of his legs. Dave's new fisherman friends started to catch males too. Sadly, Dave then lost a crab ring so he got the extra one out of the garage. By evening time, Dave came in with his one crab, smiling showing me that he found the lost crab ring. Then he laughed telling me that he forgot to tie off another and so we were still in the red.

He called Dad and found out how to cook it up for me. He boiled the large crab for 15 minutes until it was bright red. Dave doesn't even like crab so I got it all! It was SO good! It was the best crab I have ever had in my life! The next morning Dave ran outside to see if he could find the lost ring. The rope was floating in the water. Dave had to dig it out of the sand. We left the vacation with all crab rings found.

Sand Angel

We just came back from our small but very needed vacation to the beach! We rented a beach house that was recommended to us right on the Alsea Bay for three days and two nights. Right when we got there we showed Ethan the beach for the first time. He ran to it, signed "sand," plopped stomach first, and began making a "sand" angel. It was so funny!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Addiction = Sanity

So, Becca told me about this new thing she found on Ali Edward's blog. It is call You can make your own free digital scrapbook pages and then either print them out, post them on your own blog, or just leave it on their website. I couldn't believe how easy it was and so much fun.

The best part is that in my free time I am already blogging or reading emails. Why not make a quick page? Also, I don't have to drag out all my supplies or run to the store for another 12x12 piece of paper! It is loads of fun.

Keep looking at the slide show for new layouts added as I go. Maybe this new addiction will be beneficial to this art-suppressed girl.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Great Start to My Anniversary

Can I just vent a little...? Well, (as Kati says) it's my blog so I will. Today was a seriously HARD day. Ethan's dry skin around his mouth and legs got worse yesterday and so I called the doctor last night. They wanted to see him first thing in the morning. So, I got Ethan dressed and headed into town.

The doctor said that his health is fine - internally. But, that he has a bacterial infection probably from scratching the sores and then it got infected. So, he is on antibiotics for a week to help.

While I was in town I had some places to go to return items from Family Camp and to try and get the baby wipes from Walmart that never made it into my car when I purchased them. I pulled up to Walmart with Ethan already a little fussy. I got in line and thankfully was only the second person in line. Then, Ethan saw a balloon and started to whine for it - then cry - then scream. All while I am trying to explain to the lady that I didn't get the wipes in my cart. Then Ethan slapped me across the face. Wow! The lady said that I would have to go and get the baby wipes and then come back to the counter. Ok - I turn around and there was the line down past the bathrooms! Everyone is staring at me... I pulled Ethan over to the side and "talked into his ear" about his behavior. He continued to scream the whole way out the store... I really could of used some customer service at that time. Couldn't they have sent someone to get it for me? You know, $9 doesn't seem like a lot to some people but for my household it is. So, I left without the wipes AGAIN! Put Ethan in the car after his punishment and left for Stayton.

Ethan fell asleep and I thought, "Good. I can go to the Dollar Store and get my money back for them over charging me $7.50." Can you believe that I paid $7.50 too much and didn't notice until I got home and looked at the receipt? So, I carried Ethan in asleep in my arms. When they called the manager over she was very unhappy and said, "You really should of said something while she was ringing you up." HELLO! At this time Ethan woke up and saw the balloon cage filled with Mylar balloons! "It was obviously a mistake, since I didn't notice it until I got home. If I had noticed it I would of told the cashier." The screaming began. She called the store manager and they had to figure it out while my child is screaming so bad I have to rock him outside. I got my money back and had to sign the slip on the outside of the building.

Next was Safeway to get his medicine. On the way out, Ethan is flailing in my arms that my purse falls down with the meds all over the floor. I could of used a Good Samaritan today.

The whole way home Ethan screamed while trying to tear his car seat cover off. This is why it would be great to move back to Keizer... it was a 20 minute drive with screaming the whole way home.

When I finally put Ethan down he was quiet for five minutes until I hear him signing "gorilla" by beating his chest and yelling "Ahhhhh!" Then, "Hi!" to "Mama! Mama!" Oh bother... what a great start to my anniversary.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Childhood Toys

Becca got me remembering our childhood toys. Mostly I was thinking, "Man, if I still had those -how much they would be worth!" So here's my list:

1. Strawberry Shortcake: But we weren't to play with them! They were only on "display" on a shelf in our room. Can you believe it? We had "collectibles" but without the benefits!

2. Huggabunch: Oh dearie! So funny! I still have mine! We never watched the movie or anything. We just got one doll each for Christmas or some holiday.

3. Alvin and the Chipmunks: We watched them and also had a doll each. I had Alvin.

4. Barbie Dolls: We had 40 between the three of us. Only one Ken each. I guess that was the number one gift to get twins in the 80s. So can you imagine family members buying for holidays? We got at least 4-6 a year. :) It felt good to give the dolls to Deb and when she went to Mexico for a missions trip she took the dolls and gave them to children there.

5. Carebears: We only watched them for the first season. Then it became "magic-like" and we stopped watching the show. We still had a Carebear each. My mom even made us "Care-bear" clothes. The only thing is that we were in 6-7th grade wearing the home-made shirts and it wasn't so "cool" at that age.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's Gonna Be Better

Last night's service didn't get over until VERY late. So, with tired baby, mom, and dad I shouldn't be surprised at today's events...

1. I woke up to Dave explaining that he forgot to put the coffee pot back on the maker and now 10 cups of coffee has been sitting on the counter for 2 hours.

2. I now have 8 cook books upside down drying from coffee stains.

3. I couldn't find the check book this morning to do bills.

4. I realized that my check book is in my purse that I can't seem to find.

5. My purse was left in Dave's car last night.

6. My car keys are in my purse too.

7. I am stranded and have to teach in a few hours at camp.

8. I have a melt down on the phone with Becca.

9. Ethan had a melt down when he got up.

10. I locked the door on my way out.

The day got a lot better. Becca calmed me down and prayed with me. She was glad to be given the opportunity to bless me. Thankfully I got in through the back door - quite easily (scary, I know!). We picked up Sarah and got to camp with enough time to even set up! The girls said they had a good time and Sarah said she likes my "enthusiasm" with the kids. I think that she means to say, "You're crazy. I like it." The kids all loved the crafts and it was great to see parents smiling when they left.

I am looking forward to tonight. It's gonna be even better.


So this week has been a blast... Since Thursday we have been at camp. David Carr, our main speaker, has a church in England. I have heard him speak before for a Pastor's Conference and Healing Service a few years ago. He met Ethan and it was so funny to hear a grown man talk to a baby with an English accent. "'ello...coochie...coo." It was awesome last night because we happened to sit at the table he was sitting at and Ethan was right next to him. Ethan recognized him and very loud said, "HI!" I had given Ethan a book to read while we ate and he looked at David and pointed to the book's title letters and said, "A!" "O!" David Carr's face was hilarious! "Ehhh-? Oy! Does he know his letters?" With his accent, it was priceless. Ethan continued to impress everyone with signing and saying every letter in the title. I think he knew he had every one's attention.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pink Velour

Becca commented on my last post which got me laughing! No, Dave didn't get the baseball at Winco... but the story goes like this:

Several months ago, Dave went to Winco for groceries and came home with pajamas for me! Pink velour. I mean who goes to Winco and comes home with PJs? Only Dave...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baseball and Tears

So Sarah came over to watch Ethan yesterday so that I could set up my classroom for teaching the 3-5 year old class at Aldersgate Family Camp ( Ethan began showing off to Sarah and Josh for a bit and then Josh and I left.

Josh helped me get tables and chairs from church to bring to camp. He also helped clear out the room with Eric so that I had a clean slate to work with. Eric (the director) gave me this huge room to use and I was so shocked that is was such a big space. I had a lot to do.

I was left to "create" this vision that God gave me to do for camp. God gave me this idea a few months ago - at midnight (I think sometimes He has to speak to us when we are sleeping because we won't stop to listen during the day - Hey, I'm right aren't I?) So, I had scrap paper by the bed and sketched out the design of a room I never saw and wrote lesson plans the next week. So... here I was sitting on the floor wondering how it was all going to work with 30 foot ceilings and a room four times as big as imagined. But, amazingly, it did. God showed me how to get all the elements that he had showed me in the sketch to work! I love it - we have to rejoice in these things because it's in these times that it is easy to forget His amazing work. It is easy to remember how Dave got healed from his lung collapsing but hard to remember the every day wonders, know what I mean?

I came home to a CLEAN house (I love Sarah) and happy child that had both naps. Sarah is welcome in my house anytime. Then, Dave came home.

Dave came home from the store and brought Ethan a soft glow-in-the-dark baseball and bat. Ethan loved it! He was going around the house hitting the ball everywhere. Then, Dave went to church... and left me alone with our child. When it was bed time Ethan became hysterical crying, "Baseball! Baseball!" I brought it in and showed him that it has to go "night-night" too. After several hours of the crying he finally fell asleep, just as Dave walked in the door. Typical.

The first thing Ethan said this morning was, "Baseball!"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Boy, A Girl, and A Fish

So, these last few days have been a hard to say the least. Ethan got sick on Monday with a runny nose and on Tuesday it developed into a cough. But, it was Wednesday morning that scared me. Ethan woke up and was having difficulty breathing. So much that it was scaring him. I listened to him and the weezing was so hard to hear. It was like I wanted to breathe for him!

I called the doctor right away and the nurse told me to bring him in. The sad thing is that he just went into the doctor's office last week for his shot (we are staggering them- comment about that if you have any questions why). So, when we walked into the door he dropped down onto the floor crying. I had to reassure him that we weren't going into "that door" (the Immunization Station) but to the doctor "cause the doctor helps us when we are hurt." (It helped when I sang "The People in My Neighborhood" from "Signing Time" and he began to sign "doctor." He got distracted when he saw a baby and began signing "baby."

When we were in the waiting room Ethan was looking at the fish tank when a little girl came up to look too. He looked at me and signed "baby." She was about 5 years old and there were no babies in sight. I said, "No, Ethan. That's not a baby. That's a girl." He signed "girl." Then a little boy came up too. Ethan signed "girl." "Uhh, no that's a boy." Ethan then pointed to the girl and signed "girl" and to the boy "boy" and then signed "friend." Then Ethan said as clear as anything to the boy "fish." It was so great!

The doctor said that Ethan has a viral infection. He was given an inhaler. But the doctor isn't saying he has asthma yet. If this happens every time he gets a cold then that would be a sign. Mom was sympathetic. She said that she would have the same thing happen to her every time she was sick. She said that back then they would have to give her a shot. She is so thankful that Ethan has it so much easier...

Monday, August 4, 2008

I Need A Five Step Program

This afternoon started with my getting a migraine. So, when Becca called this evening to ask if I wanted to go to a girls-night-out to a movie, I had to pass. Although... as the evening progressed, I realized that I really need to get back into scrapbooking or something! I mean, I think I have a serious problem. Here I am re-doing my son's room, changing electrical wires by changing light fixtures, and tearing apart my bathroom. I mean when I get a creative urge, I should just read a magazine or something! But tonight Dave had to just shake his head at me... I don't blame him. Where do I go thinking I can learn how to cut my hair from wiki-How?

Again... I have a serious problem... is there a 5-step program for people like me?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lord of the Rings Quiz

So I took the quiz for Dave and we will see if he matches up when he takes it! Heehee!

I was right!

Chocolate Update

So, before I update everyone on my severe chocolate craving last night... let's just get it out now: Dark Chocolate doesn't help. I mean really who are we kidding? Sure you can lie to yourself and say I couldn't eat more than just one dark chocolate candy. Honestly. I tried and I could eat more than just one. Does it taste better than milk chocolate. No. Of course not. But when you have a craving (like I did last night) I could have had twenty pieces. Although, I would probably be hiding on the floor of the closet, with bowl of candies close in hand, and chocolate smeared all over my face while I ate them.

So, how did I survive last night? I called Becca and asked her if I could have a piece of the chocolate cake she bought for Deb's birthday, that was in my fridge. She said yes and I ate it... before dinner.

I was good to go until I woke up this morning...

Friday, August 1, 2008

It Isn't Helping

So, I tried it... Sarah says that if you have a chocolate craving that all you need to do is take a few miniature Hersey's candies to your room and eat them there. Then you give into the craving but don't indulge. I have to say that she is entirely WRONG. I told her this and she said to give it a try... Well I did and I am sorry to say that all day long I have still had the craving. Although the chocolate cake staring at me from the other side of the refrigerator ISN'T HELPING!

Miss Dashwood

So, Kati, I took the quiz and I really had a hard time. I mean, we all know that you and Becca are a perfect match for P&P but where did I fit into the picture. I mean you didn't really think that I could be Mrs. Collins did you? I tried to answer the questions as best as I could and here is the answer. I never thought I was as quiet as Miss Dashwood. Do you think it's right? If not I will do it again...

An Afternoon at the Mall

I took Deb to the mall today. Deb went shopping at Macy's and afterwards we had to take Ethan to look at the dogs. Then Deb had to use the restroom and so we waited for her outside the bathrooms. Five minutes later Deb came back laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She said that she got out of the bathroom and she thought she saw me going outside so she followed. She then noticed that there was a little boy walking into the street and the lady pushing the stroller (who she thought was me) called out to him and he ran to her. Good thing that happened. She would of got into the car with the poor woman if it didn't... and we would still be at the mall waiting for her to get out of the bathroom.