Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Addiction = Sanity

So, Becca told me about this new thing she found on Ali Edward's blog. It is call You can make your own free digital scrapbook pages and then either print them out, post them on your own blog, or just leave it on their website. I couldn't believe how easy it was and so much fun.

The best part is that in my free time I am already blogging or reading emails. Why not make a quick page? Also, I don't have to drag out all my supplies or run to the store for another 12x12 piece of paper! It is loads of fun.

Keep looking at the slide show for new layouts added as I go. Maybe this new addiction will be beneficial to this art-suppressed girl.


Kate said...

Oh this is just FABULOUS! I've already done 2 layouts.....YOU GUYS STINK! Now I'll never get any work done!!!

I posted them on my blog! :D

Anonymous said...

I know! I rushed around the house and cleaned so that I could do a few while Ethan naps! Yikes!-Jen

Kate said...

I did FOUR layouts yesterday! FOUR....I have to limit myself to the weekends...LOL