Saturday, August 16, 2008


So this week has been a blast... Since Thursday we have been at camp. David Carr, our main speaker, has a church in England. I have heard him speak before for a Pastor's Conference and Healing Service a few years ago. He met Ethan and it was so funny to hear a grown man talk to a baby with an English accent. "'ello...coochie...coo." It was awesome last night because we happened to sit at the table he was sitting at and Ethan was right next to him. Ethan recognized him and very loud said, "HI!" I had given Ethan a book to read while we ate and he looked at David and pointed to the book's title letters and said, "A!" "O!" David Carr's face was hilarious! "Ehhh-? Oy! Does he know his letters?" With his accent, it was priceless. Ethan continued to impress everyone with signing and saying every letter in the title. I think he knew he had every one's attention.

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