Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's Gonna Be Better

Last night's service didn't get over until VERY late. So, with tired baby, mom, and dad I shouldn't be surprised at today's events...

1. I woke up to Dave explaining that he forgot to put the coffee pot back on the maker and now 10 cups of coffee has been sitting on the counter for 2 hours.

2. I now have 8 cook books upside down drying from coffee stains.

3. I couldn't find the check book this morning to do bills.

4. I realized that my check book is in my purse that I can't seem to find.

5. My purse was left in Dave's car last night.

6. My car keys are in my purse too.

7. I am stranded and have to teach in a few hours at camp.

8. I have a melt down on the phone with Becca.

9. Ethan had a melt down when he got up.

10. I locked the door on my way out.

The day got a lot better. Becca calmed me down and prayed with me. She was glad to be given the opportunity to bless me. Thankfully I got in through the back door - quite easily (scary, I know!). We picked up Sarah and got to camp with enough time to even set up! The girls said they had a good time and Sarah said she likes my "enthusiasm" with the kids. I think that she means to say, "You're crazy. I like it." The kids all loved the crafts and it was great to see parents smiling when they left.

I am looking forward to tonight. It's gonna be even better.

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Jessica Gray said...

WOW I totally understand how your day was. When ever I need to go somewhere I always lose my debit card, ID and my keys. LOL ALWAYS...Then Saturday and last night my Babe wasn't feeling so well. but after a vomit session I beleive things couldn't get worse then they where. Then this morning she seemed better. It awesome thought that Becca is there for you to help calm you down. Thankfully I have Tammy cause she came over last night to help out.... She is my Becca. hope the rest of the week goes well. Love Ya Jen!