Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Boy, A Girl, and A Fish

So, these last few days have been a hard to say the least. Ethan got sick on Monday with a runny nose and on Tuesday it developed into a cough. But, it was Wednesday morning that scared me. Ethan woke up and was having difficulty breathing. So much that it was scaring him. I listened to him and the weezing was so hard to hear. It was like I wanted to breathe for him!

I called the doctor right away and the nurse told me to bring him in. The sad thing is that he just went into the doctor's office last week for his shot (we are staggering them- comment about that if you have any questions why). So, when we walked into the door he dropped down onto the floor crying. I had to reassure him that we weren't going into "that door" (the Immunization Station) but to the doctor "cause the doctor helps us when we are hurt." (It helped when I sang "The People in My Neighborhood" from "Signing Time" and he began to sign "doctor." He got distracted when he saw a baby and began signing "baby."

When we were in the waiting room Ethan was looking at the fish tank when a little girl came up to look too. He looked at me and signed "baby." She was about 5 years old and there were no babies in sight. I said, "No, Ethan. That's not a baby. That's a girl." He signed "girl." Then a little boy came up too. Ethan signed "girl." "Uhh, no that's a boy." Ethan then pointed to the girl and signed "girl" and to the boy "boy" and then signed "friend." Then Ethan said as clear as anything to the boy "fish." It was so great!

The doctor said that Ethan has a viral infection. He was given an inhaler. But the doctor isn't saying he has asthma yet. If this happens every time he gets a cold then that would be a sign. Mom was sympathetic. She said that she would have the same thing happen to her every time she was sick. She said that back then they would have to give her a shot. She is so thankful that Ethan has it so much easier...

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