Friday, July 31, 2009


Thought I would share this even though the original post is here.

Who else would of been able to experience these things today...
1. You read the words "Key Bank" as we drove by the sign today. We don't even use that bank.
2. You wanted to play "Find the Numbers" at Wal-mart today.
3. You met a deaf woman today with a guide dog. She signed to us that we could touch Cinna-Bear and you laughed when the dog kissed you. We signed thank you together.
4. You wanted to dance with the other children in Story Time at the library.
5. You shared your sand toys with another little boy in the Discovery Room.
6. You surprised the volunteers when you found two number ones and put them together and yelled "11" and clapped for yourself.
7. You were a good sport when we drove to the park to play at the water fountain and it was closed because they were setting up a weekend event.
8. You sat well behaved for the entire drive into town singing "This is the Day" and "Jesus Loves Me" at the top of your lungs.
9. You drank and enjoyed your milk shake on the drive home.
10. You gave me kisses... and said, "Love you Mama."

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Bit of Cabin Fever...

I didn't know you could have cabin fever in July... it has been so hot here that we have been staying indoors for the last few days. Ethan is climbing the walls and I don't blame him. I have been climbing the walls too. All the windows are closed and covered to keep the heat out. I forgot how much I need to see the outdoors to stay sane. I kind of felt trapped or held hostage in my own home. For those of you that think we are crazy for complaining about 107 degree weather take into consideration that Salem, Oregon's record high - ever - is 108 degrees. That should say something...

So, I claimed yesterday as National Bored Day.

So, today when I woke up I decided that today wasn't going to be the same. We took a trip to the corner market (can't go far since we have no air conditioning in my car) and bought ice cream and other goodies to make today a bit special.

Did it work? Not really... ice cream usually works, but not this time. I will keep you informed of what we do to make it through the day...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

VBS Week

So... if it's been quiet on the home front it's been because this week was Vacation Bible School at my church. As director, I have been planing this week for six months! We had a blast, but I only have these pictures to show you since the rest have children in it and I can't post them online.
Me giving directions after Day 1 was over.

The set that was designed by a church in Beaverton. Dad let us use his fishing gear and Dave K.'s fishing boat was on the stage too.

Sarah getting "down." Hope that all that dancing wasn't what threw her back out Friday...

My friend Joanne... also getting jiggie. There was a lot of dancing this week.
We really had an amazing time. God really used us all in amazing ways. Children got closer to God and most of all had FUN doing it. I wish I could go on and on about what happened this week, but you really had to be there to experience it. I guess, the best thing that I saw was my friends and family (Dave, Becca, Sarah, and Josh helped out) grow in the Lord. It really was awesome. Thanks for a life changing week everyone!

Riverfront Water Park

So, Becca read Jessica's blog and thought... "That looks fun." She called me and told me about her plan. So after Ethan's nap I drove to the Grinder's and Sarah, Becca, Ethan, and I went to the park. At first Ethan stood watching and then he just started running everywhere in the water. It was quite funny. He would mimic the other children. If they jumped, he jumped. If they laid on top of the water fountain, he did the same! It was so cute.

Just as a side note, he was wearing his shirt and hat for sun protection. Man, it was hot outside. This is the perfect answer to a hot day... thanks for the tip, Jess!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Knew?

So, on the way home tonight from Dave's parents', a macaw flew into my car! I knew it couldn't of been good since bright blue and yellow feathers flew everywhere. I called Dave, who was in his car ahead of me, and told him to drive back. It seems as if the macaw got out the back door of his owner's home, flew straight out of the backyard, and right into traffic. It was sad. Dave said it might of broke it's back and it didn't look too good.

Who knew that the first animal that ran into my car would be a tropical bird?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dave's Home

Dave's home from camping overnight. I am glad he is because I was a little uncomfortable with him camping out in the storm. I found a few pictures on the camera. I will have to get more details after he wakes up from his nap ;) ...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Week With Korissa

This week ended Ethan's three weeks of sickness and began our time with Cousin Korissa. Korissa's mommy had to go out of state for a job conference which left Dave and I the blessing watching this little princess! I am not kidding! She prances around the house like a little princess. Of course it was my chance to see what little girls are all about. Here are some photos from our week...

You can tell her mom takes a lot of photos, huh?

Holding a picture of Mommy and Daddy.

She sat in my lap for fifteen minutes while I tried to figure out to use tiny rubber bands. I haven't done someone else's hair since Barbie days. So, it was hard. By the way, she didn't move an inch!

Was so proud of my first try that I took a picture! LOL!

Craft Time!

She's awesome! During playtime in the sandbox she just stood there! Ha! Such a girl!

On the other hand, my little man dumped sand on himself and began doing it to Korissa. Which I knew was going to happen and that's why her hair looked the way it did. Cause I knew bathtime would be after sand time.

My new favorite picture of my little man.

After bath time we had "his" and "hers" craft time.

Ethan played with flubber and Korissa played with playdough. The whole time she would look at Ethan's slime hands and say, "Ewww!" Ethan was done in five minutes. Korissa played there for 45 minutes straight!
I learned this week that boys and girls are like night and day...