Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Week With Korissa

This week ended Ethan's three weeks of sickness and began our time with Cousin Korissa. Korissa's mommy had to go out of state for a job conference which left Dave and I the blessing watching this little princess! I am not kidding! She prances around the house like a little princess. Of course it was my chance to see what little girls are all about. Here are some photos from our week...

You can tell her mom takes a lot of photos, huh?

Holding a picture of Mommy and Daddy.

She sat in my lap for fifteen minutes while I tried to figure out to use tiny rubber bands. I haven't done someone else's hair since Barbie days. So, it was hard. By the way, she didn't move an inch!

Was so proud of my first try that I took a picture! LOL!

Craft Time!

She's awesome! During playtime in the sandbox she just stood there! Ha! Such a girl!

On the other hand, my little man dumped sand on himself and began doing it to Korissa. Which I knew was going to happen and that's why her hair looked the way it did. Cause I knew bathtime would be after sand time.

My new favorite picture of my little man.

After bath time we had "his" and "hers" craft time.

Ethan played with flubber and Korissa played with playdough. The whole time she would look at Ethan's slime hands and say, "Ewww!" Ethan was done in five minutes. Korissa played there for 45 minutes straight!
I learned this week that boys and girls are like night and day...


Jessica Gray said...

Those pictures are awesome! Korissa was sitting here on my lap earlier when I was looking at them. When she saw Ethen she goes Eeet-an. Then she saw the ones of him playing with the flubber and she said "Ewww." It was funny. I love your new favorite picture you took of Ethan. It is so cute. The ones of Korissa and her wild and free hair turned out so pretty too. Thanks again.!Love you guys!

Kate said...

okay..she is adorable! I can't even imagine having a girl thrown in the mix with my boys....I love the last shot of Ethan...almost like "lady..what are you doing?"...