Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Fun Night

We have a new tradition in the Evans household. It is Friday Family Fun Night. My hubbie and I agreed last week that we need to put a little more effort into each other and our family. You know, trying to go out of our way to make this life better each day.

Fridays are always hard days for us. Everyone is getting off work, heading to their weekend. Now that summer is here it is extra hard since we live in a vacation spot. Everyone is driving by my house with their boat, trailer, bikes, four wheelers, you name it - they've got it! It is almost like they are mocking me, "Ha, Ha! It's my weekend and not yours!"

Dave has Sunday and Mondays off. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful that Dave has Sundays and Mondays off. It just makes Fridays a little harder. So... I decided it was time to change Fridays around here. From now on Fridays are FUN!

Every Friday our family will have a special pre-planned family date. Last week we celebrated Father's Day by my surprising Dave in Keizer after work. I had packed supplies for a picnic dinner at the park in Keizer. When we lived in Keizer we had a favorite Chinese restaurant. Nothing too fancy. But it was the real deal. I ordered our favorite meals (which we haven't had in two years) to go. When we got to the park, Dave and Ethan played on the playground and I set up dinner at a table. I brought place settings and everything. It was nice and peaceful; no one else was there. It really blessed Dave to just relax and spend time with Ethan.

Ethan has been sick all week, so I knew that this week's Family Fun Day would have to be at home. So I set up an indoor picnic in the living room. Then I spent an hour trying to fill water balloons. I got ten. That's what I get for buying water balloons at the Dollar Store. Oh, well. Dave wasn't feeling good either so I got a chair for him to sit with his feet up while Ethan and I threw water balloons at each other. What fun!

Any Family Fun Day ideas? I could use the inspiration...

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Kate said...

Movie Night....we like to play some of our old childhood fave's for Ben. It brings back not only great memories for us, but gives us new ones with him.

One of Ben's favorite things is to take his bike to the park, and we walk around while he rides. He REALLY enjoys that.

And we have game nights....Ben loves bowling on the Wii...but he also likes to play Candyland, Memory...etc..etc..

and you can never go wrong with swimming.....even if it means having to be seen in public in a swimsuit!