Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chocolate Update

So, before I update everyone on my severe chocolate craving last night... let's just get it out now: Dark Chocolate doesn't help. I mean really who are we kidding? Sure you can lie to yourself and say I couldn't eat more than just one dark chocolate candy. Honestly. I tried and I could eat more than just one. Does it taste better than milk chocolate. No. Of course not. But when you have a craving (like I did last night) I could have had twenty pieces. Although, I would probably be hiding on the floor of the closet, with bowl of candies close in hand, and chocolate smeared all over my face while I ate them.

So, how did I survive last night? I called Becca and asked her if I could have a piece of the chocolate cake she bought for Deb's birthday, that was in my fridge. She said yes and I ate it... before dinner.

I was good to go until I woke up this morning...

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