Friday, December 21, 2007

On Christmas Break!

I am so excited! I am on Christmas Break from school and to start the holiday off, we are all sick! It seems as if my immune system isn't what it use to be. I knew I would be getting sick because I have been out of the classroom for a year, but I thought I would at least last more than a week! So pray for us... Ethan has it and now Dave isn't feeling good. It's not good for him to be sick! He keeps on sneezing and that lung of his could go again!

In spite of the illness... yesterday was the Kindergarten's program. It went so well! My boss forgot that she asked Dave to be in the play when she wanted him to take pictures. So guess who was the photographer? Yep, me! Dave set up the camera for me and I got to take the pictures and I did a pretty good job! It is scary to have the pressure... but I came through! The program was awesome and I am glad not to have Dave wearing his head piece around the house.

So here is a great video of our Christmas tree that Becca so beautifully decorated.

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