Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two Out of Four

Here are our Donna Downey inspired canvas art. I used pages from Pilgrim's Progress for the words. It was kind of funny how Becca and I were deciding what pages to use. It's not like we can rip out pages in a Bible to glue to a canvas. If I printed out scripture off the computer the ink can smear. Becca asked, "Why not C.S. Lewis books?" Well... Dave wouldn't be too happy if he woke up for dinner and found all his books torn apart for my art work. While I was looking I found my copy of Pilgrim's Progress and thought that would work perfectly since it was mine. I was going to go to the library's book sale and they always have copies there. I could just pick up another. As I was having a blast tearing out pages the cover flipped open and there it was written vintage edition. Oh, dear! I forgot that I bought this copy for a little more and here I was tearing it up! Oh, well. It tells a good story. The artwork will at least be hanging up so many will see it. It went to good use! Becca and I are going to work on the next two on Saturday. I will try and post the finished pieces!

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