Friday, October 26, 2007

Life's Little Things

Dave's been having trouble breathing and has taken a few days off of work. He has been to the doctor and it is possible that he has another hole in his lung. We will find out later this afternoon at the Pulmonary Specialist.

Ali Edwards' new book has been helping me look around for life's little treasures. It made me laugh to see Dave playing video games or watching television this morning. There he is next to the line of remotes that irritates me to no end! We have a remote for everything! We have a remote for the ceiling fan, dish, television, dvd, and surround sound/cd player (pictured top to bottom) Those that are not photographed are the vcr and air conditioner! Talk about crazy! What is really funny is that if you push "play" on the dvd player the cd player plays cause they are both Sony! So what chaos we have when just trying to relax to watch a movie!

Back to this morning... Dave was relaxing and I was reading my new book while Ethan was eating breakfast. Here he is taking a little peek at me. Dave and I were a little sad to watch Ethan eating. He is a big boy and eating with out any help! It is nice to slow down, have a seat, look around, and notice the little things.

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