Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Autumn Sunday

It was crisp and beautiful at Whispering Heights just days after harvest. Dave was able to take these pictures of the vineyard. The air was warm, which was surprising since there had been storms all week. The grapes left over from the harvest were going to go to waste so Paul and Lynn invited us for an ol' fashion grape stomping! Autumn called it "toe jam." I thought it was cold and very sticky. When I got home I took off my sock and it was stuck to my leg with grape juice! I also was able to climb my first tree. To my embarrassment, in front of Autumn's friends, I got stuck in the tree too. Sorry, I'm not posting any of those
pictures! Lynn laughed so hard... she thought my mishap was hilarious. After stomping, Lynn and I watched "A Walk in the Clouds." It was a great end of the day.

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