Monday, November 5, 2007

Look at Our New Tree!

Look at our new tree! The church blessed us with a Japanese Maple "Coral Bark." The leaves are green in spring and summer and turn bright yellow during the fall. Then during the winter the bark is a brilliant coral red. It is so awesome!

Dave's parents got me these flowers and the cute bench for our porch for my
birthday. They gave it early so that I could enjoy the blooms. Normally I don't get plants for my birthday because of the season, so it was great to enjoy them early!

In the picture of the tree you can see the old
sidewalk broken up... my plan is to have a garden and fence in it's place. When the
guys came from the church to plant the tree, they saw the concrete and told me that they would come back for it soon! Also, they are going to rototille the places that I am going to make for a new garden.

Then on Saturday, while we were out, Gary and Carolyn called and said that they had dirt for us! They are going to bring more so that our yard will be level with the driveway put in last year. It is so awesome to have friends and family that continue to bless us! It brings a smile especially with the news last week that Dave will have to have surgery on his lung in a couple of weeks.

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