Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hey, They Say It's Your Birthday...

Well, Dave threw me my first surprise party! Both Becca and I started the day by going off to the scrapbook store and Craft Warehouse. Josh helped keep us "busy" while my house filled with friends and family.

Our five year old friend, Alyssa, helped us blow out our birthday cake (made special by my mother-in-law). My favorite birthday present would have to be from my father-in-law. It was an RC (his favorite soda - I tend to get one when I am over when I need a little caffeine only cause he likes me. They are like gold at his house) and Mentos (which is his favorite candy that he carries with him in his car. I like to get a few whenever he takes me out).
Even though Ethan was sick, he wasn't going to go to bed! He had a blast with everyone over! After everyone went home, Becca and I went back to the Open House at Craft Warehouse! I got some goodies as did Becca. We really had a blast!

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