Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Day of Vistors

Yesterday, Becca got to stay the night scrapbooking until we dropped...which for us was about 9:30pm, watched a movie, and went to bed at midnight. We are sooo old! Becca did one card and a 8x8 two page layout. That's it! I at least slammed out a few pages. Of course without the journaling and titles done. We are so pathetic! This morning Josh came to pick Becca up to go fishing.

A few hours later Lynn, Amy, and Hayden came to visit. We started a movie and then had to keep stopping it to take care of the babies. We sat the best friends together and I think Ethan really got to see Hayden for the first time. We got these precious shots. We couldn't stop laughing!

Then about an hour later, Carol and Sharon came to visit. I can't believe that Grandma came twice in one week! We were so blessed! I captured this photo of Ethan talking to his grandma.

We really had a great time visiting with Carol and Sharon. I hope they both come again really soon.

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