Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend Wedding

It was a beautiful weekend filled with so much going on! Friday was a lot of fun at the Starkey household for Amy and Shawn's rehearsal dinner. Afterward the rehearsal we stayed around laughing and having a blast (as always!) and didn't get home until 1:30am! Ethan has been crying through the nights and so Friday wasn't any different. So, with 3 hours sleep we got up and got ready for Amy and Shawn's wedding.

Becca and Josh were kind enough to take care of Ethan during the day. So, while Ethan hung out with his Uncle and Auntie, Mommy and Daddy went to Sweethome for the wedding. It was such a blessing to see Amy and Shawn. Amy was beautiful! But, my favorite was Shawn who showed up to the wedding really early dressed and all ready to get started. He was so perfect in his retro suit, which by the way complemented Amy's dress wonderfully. It was one of those couples that looked like they stepped out of a magazine cover.
Too bad I can't post any pictures yet, since Dave has to edit them first...
I left to return home while Dave stayed at the wedding until 7pm. Then, he and Paul left for the airport to go to Michigan to a conference.

Sunday was great because we had all my friends over for a "chick-flick" party since the guys were gone. Lynn, Autumn, Carolyn, Leia, and Becca were over eating yummy snack foods while we watched the first disc to "Christy" the series. It was so much fun!
But the best part of the day so far is...

Ahhh... peace, Ethan is asleep. I get to sleep tonight!

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