Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Day

Although Dave had to work Easter morning at church and go home so he could sleep to work that night, we had a great Easter. I went over to Dave's parents' house. Ethan was having a blast - of course they have a dog! Mom had great food (as always!) and baskets for all the kids. Ethan loved his toys and Gerber cookies (with no egg!). Since Ethan had been up since 6:30am he was a little tired. I rocked him to sleep. In the meantime, Tammy and Jessica brought eggs for the kids to have an egg hunt. They saved a few for Ethan and when he woke up all the adults went outside with Ethan to watch him have his very first egg hunt! Tammy took this awesome picture of Ethan. John was such a good uncle and helped out a lot! It really made up for Dave not being there. I hope your Easter was great too!


Kati said...

so fun! it's great once they can do stuff and kind of understand what's going on.

Tammy said...

I love this picture! He looks very focused.