Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Now a full-time Mom!

Last week was really hard for Ethan. I had to go into school and clean out my classroom, since I am changing my profession to a full-time Mom. I had to take Ethan to a baby-sitters. This woman is one of the most amazing Moms that I have ever met. So, I trusted her completely. When I finished at school I picked Ethan up and she said that he wouldn't eat much and only slept for 5 minutes! As you can tell from the picture, this little guy can get easily stimulated! So when we got home he ate at 5,6,7, and 8 pm and then crashed until 6:30 am! Wow! It has been nice the last few days to just be at home and stay on his schedule. He is so much more happier that way!

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Karottal said...

thx for your message in my blog!

I love all your stories abouth Ethan and what´s going on in your lives. So it gives me the new chance to be a part of your lives again!

I am thinking about writing short english summarys (need some practice anyway..)....

being a full-time mom must be wonderful ;-)) wish you loads of energy for the following weeks!

sending loads of sunshine from graz,