Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Seven Day Experiment

Last night, at church, we finished our Bible study on 1 Thessalonians. It was a great study and I wish I could of gone to all the lessons. Last night we closed with a challenge this week. Every day this week we are to do something special that had to do with the book we were studying. Today's was "Rejoice in God's presence in each place you go."

When I read that, I thought, wow... in each place I go? Do we really do that? I mean do we rejoice in God's presence at the grocery store? At work? While we are doing endless loads of laundry? While we are changing a dirty diper? I think that if we were honest with ourselves we would have to say that we aren't rejoicing most of the time. Do we smile on the outside but are angry at God on the inside?

So, today as I woke up to no snow day, so I was already in a mood. So, I began the day thanking God for the oppertunity to teach His children today. You know... God opened my eyes at the end of the day. Do you know what I saw today? I was hugged for the first time by several children and got a kiss from one. I saw children looking to me for acception, approval, and praise which shows a sign of respect and love. Children were excited to be at school and couldn't wait until the next activity. I came home to a clean house with a husband cooking an AMAZING dinner. My child was asleep and I had nothing to do but sit down and rejoice God for it. I then was able to see my son walk to me on his own and give me a hug and kiss. Later, I was able to talk to a parent that is going to start their child at school next week. Our school was able to bless her and I got to tell her the news... I could tell that she was in tears and touched by the blessing.

Praise God for all that He does... sometimes we don't look at the little things. Aren't the every day blessings just as important?

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