Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not Just Any Ol' Rash

So, Sunday Ethan woke up with not just a rash but hives! Now it does bother him. Monday we were in the doctor's office for 5 hours. It was so not fun. By the way, I never want to be a single Mom. For those who are, you deserve a medal! To have to get a child itching and wanting to tear his skin off in the doctor's office, to lunch, to the lab to get a urine sample, to Safeway to get medication, and home again was no picnic!

On a sweeter note, Dave surprised me with a "walking" valentine. Ethan walked into class today with a HUGE balloon cliped to him that was playing "You're the One." We were in the middle of Circle Time and when Ethan saw all the children he clapped. It was awesome. I wish he stayed longer. I love my two special guys. Dave also got me a chocolate box and the same kind but tiny from Lil E.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Rebecca Grinder said...

So cute!!!! I wish I could have been a bug on the wall and seen the whole thing. Gosh, I can just imagine! How adorable! - Becca

Tammy said...