Friday, March 12, 2010

How Did Three Come So Fast?

It is crazy to think that Ethan is three now! His birthday was simple, sweet, and with family. Besides Ethan having a fever during the party, having cried most of the time, and not wanting to even eat his own birthday cake it was a good party. ;) We took the family on a tour of the camp so they could see where we live. It was so great to have everyone walking together as - one... sigh... the only four missing were Heather, John, Nick (and the kids), and Mom. If they were there it would of been perfect!

I made the banners. The day before the party, Alyssa helped make one more garland that needed to be done.

There was plenty of space for everyone to watch Ethan, not enough chairs though. ;)

I loved the wrapping job Alyssa did on the present.

My dear Uncle Adrian!

The family on a walk.

Dad fell behind because his feet were hurting him. Dave walked him back and Sarah took over the photographer's duties.

Not bad Sarah!

Beautiful shot that Sarah took in the forest with the sun shining off the river.

After the party, Sarah and Becca hung out a while so that Josh could take Uncle Adrian home. Becca, Josh, and Sarah got Ethan this tent. Look how cute Becca and Ethan are inside!


Jessica Gray said...

Ethan's party was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed:) Korissa did as well! You guys are WAY TOO spoiled where you live, lol! Glad you get to enjoy it though that is super awesome!

Rebecca Grinder said...

wow, sarah's not half bad as a photographer! Someone give her a camera more often!