Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prayers Would Be Kindly Appreciated

Last night Dave was working on cooking Sarah's dinner. He hasn't stopped talking about celebrating Sarah's birthday all week. He had planned on cooking this amazing lasagna by Bobby Flay. He promised to make it for her for months and her birthday seemed like the perfect time to do it. It takes two days to make the meal with the three sauces from scratch. When I looked at the three page print out that Dave was reading it made my head spin. Dave started cooking at 6pm and after Ethan went to bed I relaxed on the sofa watching a movie.

At about 11pm, Dave had taken out the stock pot out of the oven. The recipe called for the use of a Dutch oven but we didn't have one so he used our stock pot instead. The stock pot was filled with one of the sauces and the meat. Dave had already taken out the meat and was ready to strain the sauce into a bowl. Being as tired as he was, he forgot to use oven mits and took the handles of the stock pot to the sink. Half way his hands were burning and he rushed to the sink in a hurry. The pot must of hit the edge of the sink and poured right onto him.
I was in the other room and heard the screaming. There is nothing like hearing your soul mate screaming in terror. Let me just say it broke me before even reaching him in the kitchen to see what happened. I was looking around for blood or anything to tell me what was the matter. Dave started to strip his clothes and then I knew that his body from the waist down was badly burned.

The rest of the night is a blur. Praise the Lord that Ethan never woke up once in the night with his door opening to the kitchen and dinning room. I called the doctor and they gave us advice to treat him at home. There was no going to the hospital with the pain that he was in. I hopped from kitchen to bedroom all night helping administer pain medication, cold rags, a cool bath, rags from the freezer, and even ice packs in between (per the doctor). Dave finally fell asleep at about 3am while I was finishing up cleanning the kitchen. The sauce had covered the entire kitchen, dining room, part of the hallway, and all the lower cupboards. I am so thankful for buying a huge bottle of Dawn at Costco that afternoon. While I was cleaning Dave's phone beeped a reminder. When I looked at it, it said, "Sarah's birthday dinner. Make lasagna."

At 4am I laid on the bed and pulled a blanket over myself but I couldn't sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I saw Dave screaming. I was also afraid that I would miss the 5am alarm to give Dave his medication. At 5am I called Becca and Josh to tell them what happened and asked if they would be willing to take Ethan for the day so Dave and I could get some rest. Of course they said yes.

I laid down and I woke up to Josh and Becca's car door outside. Josh, Becca, and I sat in the living room whispering until Ethan began to stir. I sat next to Ethan and said, "Guess who's here?" He answered, "Who is it, Mama?" I said, "Auntie Becca and Uncle Josh." He lept out of his bed and ran to the living room. When he saw Josh he yelled, "Uncle!" It was so precious. I will remember it always.

Dave this morning still wanted to finish the meal. "What about Sarah's birthday? She leaves for California on Wednesday." We all told him that she would understand. That is why I love my husband. He never is thinking about himself. We are going to freeze everything so that he can make it later. We all love Sarah and we are so thankful for having her in our lives. She is so worth it. We missed seeing her and the family tonight.

Dave has second degree burns with one inch tall blisters on his body. The pain isn't as bad as last night but if you could be in prayer about his healing we would be blessed.


Jessica Gray said...

I am SO GLAD that for the most part he is ok....The thing that is funny about David is after the main pain goes away, come Easter time he will be bragging about his war wounds..I love my uncle to death. PTL for Josh and Becca though for coming to your rescue so you guys could catch up on your sleep.... I love you guys and I will definitely pray for Davids healing.

Barb said...

Oh man, burns are SO painful! Bill and I are praying for you Dave!

Anonymous said...

I am in tears after reading this post. I'm so sorry to hear that Dave was hurt, especially while making a dinner for my birthday. Please tell Dave not to think about the dinner again until he is felling better and his burns heal; no matter how long it takes. I love you guys so much and feel privileged to be a part of your lives. I will definitely be praying for the Lord to heal Dave quickly and give you strength as you help him during this process. God bless you, Sarah

P.S. It looks like I will be off work today and tomorrow so let me know if you need anything, I mean anything. Please don’t hesitate to call. Love you!

Jennifer Evans said...

We love you too Sarah!

Kate said...

Oh Jen...I hope Dave recovers soon. Burns are horrible...I'll be praying for a speedy recovery.

Rebecca Grinder said...

Sending loves!!!! PC wanted to add you to the prayer list and the staff is praying for you today!

Anonymous said...

Dave and Jennifer, our thoughts are with you. Walt and Susan Bain