Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ethan Right Now You Are...

Life has gone back to normal in the Evans' household. Dave is better and back to work this week. This means that our routine is back to normal with me teaching Ethan from home. This week we have been teaching Ethan the true meaning of Easter. It's been a blessing to watch him learn. 

Ethan, right now you are...

loving to paint and do art projects
very active
learning to sit still, listen, and obey
could play all day outside if you could - even if it was raining all day long
gives kisses and hugs
so strong and heavy that I can't carry you for long
can read all on your own now
can snuggle with me in my bed reading a book on your own

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Jessica Gray said...

it was so cute! When he was hear he saw the sign that I made years go when Nick and I got together and it says our names on it...He looks at it and says N-I-C-K NICK! J-e-s-s-i-c-a JESSICA! Nick and Jessica!! ) it was so cute! I was like WHAT? You know what that says??? Ha ha