Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Week in the Life: Monday


 I work on Monday's. I found this great picture of Ethan on the camera while I was gone. ;)

When I came home from work this is what I found. ;) I actually find this every Monday night. But, that's ok... that's what I am home for. To keep order.

Ethan has fun playing by the back door so he can see everything going on outside.

What was Dave doing when I got home? Making homemade potato chips. They were to die for! Then, after he did that, he started making dinner - shrimp alfredo.

Looks like some things in the house had causalities. I am so glad Dave brought his guitar home from church. Dave plays it and Ethan just adores it when he does.

After dinner, I started this mess... I started at 6:30 and didn't finished until 8:30. I only took a time-out when it was time to put Ethan down.

I am still having problems adding my text in between pictures. I will try and get this fixed soon. You can tell why I can craft in the evenings. Both Ethan and Dave were in bed by 8:15pm! I spent the rest of the evening doing my online blog design class. ;)


Kati said...

wow, you're a better woman than I am! coming home to that would have put me over the edge...but then again my mess would have been x2...

Tammy said...

I'm with Kati, I would have gone over the edge too....but those chips would have calmed me right down :)