Friday, December 7, 2007

Laughing About the Little Things

Besides the fact that Dave is laid up and unable to even hold his son... we are doing well. I have to smile about the small but funny things or the stress of this last week will break me! Let me tell you some of the funny things that has happened since Dave's surgery:
  • Dave only remembers Eric and Joanne visiting in the hospital because Eric is growing a goatee
  • Dave told me that I needed to go and get more meds cause he only had one more left. Then I looked in the container and there were several. He said that he must of dreamt it. What a nightmare!
  • We were watching a television show and something was so funny that I slapped Dave while laughing... right on Dave's side... whoops! I felt terrible but now it's funny
  • I am forced to watch Lord of the Rings Extended Version... yes... all of them! Wait, I am not sure if that is very humorous.
  • Ethan can now out crawl Dave. Now that's funny.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky, you got to watch Lord of the very lucky girl!!!