Friday, June 6, 2008

Cabin Fever

Ok... I have only been off of work for what? Two weeks? I already have cabin fever. I really think that the weather is to blame. I mean really, how long can we go without seeing the sun? It's June already! Give us a break!

So... since we can't get outside and can't go anywhere because gas prices are too high... we stayed inside and I tried to entertain Ethan as much as possible. He seems to be a little under the weather and his rash is back which makes me think that he is getting sick - again. Poor little guy.

We played with playdough, played hide-n-seek, and he wanted to read a lot. He tried to say "squirrel" today and when I made the sound effect for the squirrel he tried to do it too. It was cute.

As for me... I am just wanting to get outside a bit and enjoy the sunshine... whenever that will be.

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