Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Wasn't Ready

So, what have we been doing the last three weeks that has kept us from contact with the real world? It started three Wednesdays ago. Dave left for church and I began the normal routine of putting Ethan down for the night. When I went upstairs to Ethan's room it was 100 degrees up there with the air conditioner! So, I got ready for plan B. We put him in the family room (the coolest room in the house) in his pack and play. He doesn't like it too much but falls asleep anyway and then we move him to his room when it cools down. I laid Ethan down and he began to cry. I hate that. So, I went into my room and closed the door. Thinking to myself, "I will give him fifteen minutes and then go back out to rock him..." The crying stopped. Good he has fallen asleep. Then, there was a knock at my bedroom door... Ethan was asking to be let in! He climbed out! I opened the door checked his body for damage - all good there - and then grabbed "the book." I thought this wasn't suppose to happen until 24 months! I found the section of exceptions (sometime at 18 months it happens sooner)! So what to do? I tried laying him down with me... yeah right! That never works with Ethan... by this time his room was getting cooler. But, if he can climb out of his pack and play he can climb out of his crib. So, I took the crib out of the room and laid his mattress on the floor. Can you imagine was he was thinking? "Mom's gone nuts..." There I was outside the door listening to him destroy his entire room.

Dave finally got home and we opened the door of Ethan's room together. It was so dark we couldn't find him in the destruction. But there he was, in his ball pit, sitting in the middle of the pool (with no balls because they were scattered around the room), looking in the mirrors, nodding off to sleep. Poor baby!

In the chaos, I missed the one thing Dave pointed out right away. "Hey, Jen. The crib is taller on one side. Couldn't you just turn it around so that the short side is up against the wall?"

Sometimes I wonder where my brain went?! Oh, yes, I remember. Ethan stole it from me when I was pregnant. I never got it back.


Tammy said...

Oh man. I can just picture him knocking on your door. Bet that was really weird for you.

Kate said...

HA HA!!! Ohhhhhh yes, the days of easy naps are gone! I remember hearing Ben jump out of his crib.....good times!