Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Solution

So... what is the solution to our problem stated in the previous post? Well... it would mean turning our office into Ethan's bedroom. He would be downstairs where it is cooler (a plus), closer to our room (double wammie), and now that Dave is on day shift I wouldn't be worried that Ethan will wake him up. The down fall is that I haven't been able to walk into the office for two years. Dave's desk takes up almost the whole space, papers unfiled are everywhere, and two book shelves overflowing took up the rest of the space.

Not wanting to even get started, but knowing I had to, I dove right in! Literally...I couldn't walk in. I packed up everything that wasn't being used, sorted for the garage sale, and filed until my fingers could file no more! When I saw the top of Dave's desk I knew it was too good to be true. When I could finally see the walls of the room I realized that there were parts unpainted. So, I found left over paint from Ethan's nursery and painted the room.

It was time... the desk had to go... somewhere. So I decided to put it in our room for now. It took me a minute for each centimeter. The desk is monstrous! It was empty too!

On our trip to IKEA I found a cute light fixture on clearance for $6 that matched his room. I loved the ideas I used for a puppet holder (IKEA's wine rack) and book rack (IKEA's pot lid rack) which I found around the house that we weren't using. I brought the book shelves home from school and put a few toys on them.

So, what does Ethan think of it all? Since his light fixture has hippos on it, he signs "hippo" and says "wooooow" while waving his arms. I think he approves.

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Tammy said...

What a project, but yay!!