Monday, May 25, 2009

All Under Control

I was watering the garden Saturday and came across this little bird nesting in some plastic packaging I was going to re-use as planting filler. It was so cute. I was sad thinking that it might suffocate in plastic I left at my back door. So, I went to the garage, pulled out a saved robin's nest, and placed the nest in a safe place. I then caught the chick and put it in the nest. I was so proud of myself in helping save an animal.

About ten minutes later, I grabbed the camera to take a picture of the little guy in the nest and there he was - hopping across my yard! The father came down, fed it, flew away, and the little chick hopped to a covered area in the garden.

Isn't it funny how we try and help nature along when God created it to take care of itself. I felt terrible trying to put my two cents in, when God has had everything under control since the beginning of time...


Jessica Gray said...

What a cute little guy! :)

Rebecca Grinder said...

cute? ummm... sorry, he is a bit of an ugly duckling - sure he looked cute hopping along in your back yard!