Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Really Good Cry

How do I even begin to explain this week?! We had a blessing happen on Sunday! We were given a love offering to help pay for our new lap top! I was able to get back online, working again, and it also began "catch up."

By Thursday, I finally was able to get to the store to get a few groceries before getting home to continue the mound of laundry that piles up when you are sick. I finished it all! Can you believe it? I couldn't. I also finished all the housework!

Friday came and Dave woke up with hives all over his body. He was miserable at work and asked me if I had done anything different with the laundry. Dave has sensitive skin and so we usually use Dreft. This time I tried to save money by buying Target's brand of baby detergent. Well... needless to say that I am now emptying out drawers and rewashing all the clothes.

This morning, while I was on the phone with the on call nurse for Dave (who by the way is now swollen and having cold chills while working) I opened the mail from yesterday. I found our water bill and it was six times higher than usual. Of course all I could do was leave a message on the company's answering service. But, what if we have a water leak? There would be no way that Dave could crawl under the house to see since he is so sick with allergies as it is!

So, when Becca and I came back from Craft Warehouse (read about that adventure here - unless you are MOM) and I got changed to go into the crawl space. Becca held the lamp. I opened the door. I realized I was going to have to get on my stomach to even get in there. I admitted that I was scared and so Becca humored me and prayed a prayer that went something like this, "Dear God, give Jen strength to go under the house because... well, were girls... help her be brave. Amen." I brushed the gigantic cop webs from the entrance and when I peered inside I saw something on the ground that looked similar to a mouse shaped body. I cried out and took the broom to see if it was such. We both began to laugh so hard that Sarah yelled from inside the house if we were OK. I then realized that I really had to do this and in my hysteria began crying. I crawled under the house and slowly went as far as I could before the pipes began to cross each other and I couldn't go any farther. I didn't see any leaks (that's good right?) and began back. It is amazing how being under the house can cause asthma. I am just beginning to feel better.

Dave was given a steroid at the Urgent Care after work hours and now is asleep. I guess the moral of the story is ladies, let someone else do the job of crawling in small spaces with creepy crawling things, with poor air supply. Unless you need a really good cry...


Anonymous said...

It is a ton of work rewashing clothes! You have my sympathy!


Rebecca Grinder said...

I love you dear sis and you are my hero!