Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily - Day 1

Yes, I stayed up until 12:30am getting the tree up and ready for today. That includes wrapping all the gifts that were finished and ready to be packaged in the best red and white wrapping found for $4 a roll at Target. ;) Am I tired? Of course! But, I have to say it was worth it. The bottom half of the tree was without my favorite "breakables" ready and waiting for Ethan to decorate it. I wasn't going to replay last year again.

 A few days ago I cut up strips of paper with each day's activities on them. So, Ethan woke up remembering that he got to open door number 1 on the new advent calendar. He read the paper by himself, just needing help with the word "decorations." He didn't even see the tree standing there with its lights on (because when he woke up, I ran into the living room to turn them on as a surprise). He was so excited about starting the advent that he didn't notice it until afterward. He ran to it saying, "Ohhh!"

So, as an addition to being able to put his "unbreakables" on the tree, we went to Target for him to pick out his own ornament for the tree. I know how risky this can be. Telling your child that they can pick out any ornament they want and having to see them choose the most ugly ornament in the store and you having to keep your word. Or even worse, them picking a Star Wars ornament and Darth Vader haunting every Christmas to come. But, how can we keep them from experiencing Christmas without giving them the freedom to do so? So, Ethan picked the alien guy from Toy Story (almost as bad as Star Wars) and said, "Ohhhhh" just like they do. Not sure why, but he picked the same ornament character when Josh let him pick out an ornament weeks ago. I thought Josh's plan went well, so I would try it. Let him pick any other ornament as a trade. But, nope, Ethan wanted that one. A minute later (and a crack on the side of the cart) and we were now picking any ornament that was NOT glass.

Poor Mr. Snowman looked like an heirloom ornament before we even paid for it. His nose was hanging off and his scarf was frayed and then went missing. Experiencing Christmas hurts.



Jessica said...

Cute Christmas tree! I love the picture of Ethan holding Uncle David, so sweet! How fun that Ethan gets to pick his ornament too! We began an ornament tradition last year ourselves with the kids. Every child gets a themed one that we wrap and put in there stocking (We have an elf, snowman and teddy bear)and for Christmas Eve they open there stocking, then they can put there ornament on the tree for Christmas day! Then when they get married we'll box them up and give them to them as a wedding gift:)!... Ethan's snowman guy was cute! Even with a little damage:)Love your first Dec post!

Kati said...

Uhhh, yeah. We have SEVERAL Star Wars ornaments. I have resigned myself to the fact, that until we own a large house where I can have multiple trees (aka: a his and hers tree)...I'm stuck with it. Now finding ornaments that tell a story is kind of our thing. Like we have a dolphin ornament...because Jared loves them, and wanting to decorate our bedroom with them when we first got married. I refused. So, now the ornament kind of reminds us of a story. :)