Friday, December 3, 2010

December Daily - Days 2 & 3

I realized that I sometimes have my expectations too high. Wednesday was a great day decorating and enjoying our day together, but yesterday was a little rough around the edges. During our time homeschooling I was the only one singing, reading The Christmas Story, and talking about the true meaning of Christmas. There was just fits and crying... I might have been crying a few times myself too. It wasn't what I expected and maybe I need to not expect it to be perfect. I mean, our lives are far from it.

Maybe I should have taken a picture of Ethan in the middle of his fit, recorded it for the album, and maybe Ethan would have been so surprised that I did he would have stopped crying. ;) Dave was home sick from the side effects of his antibiotics for an infection. What's worse, the infection or the side effects?

We went to bed early, purely exhausted.

Now, today was even better! We knew it was time to get Ethan potty trained. We have tried almost everything. But, Ethan has been so stubborn! So, Dave and I knew we had to stay home this weekend because of my hosting a group here while my boss in on vacation. So, since we weren't going anywhere, might as well try for the next three days. Today, the advent calendar said we were going to have a "potty party!" I had talked to Ethan about it earlier in the week so that he was prepared. But, when he pulled out that slip of paper, I could tell that he read the first two words in his head. Then he got mad. He threw the paper at me. I asked him to read it and he said, "No. You read it." He was so upset.

Pretty much the day was filled with sayings like "Not again!", when he was asked to go to the bathroom again. (We went every five minutes and yes, I set the timer and we really went every five minutes.) "No!" and "Get my pants on!" But, he did amazingly well after almost two hours of fighting me. No accidents until I let him wear underwear at 1:30pm. He had an accident five minutes later. So, Ethan went without and did brilliant.

The marathon continues tomorrow and Sunday. Thankfully we have other activities planned to keep us sane while we are at home.


Jessica Gray said...

Good luck with the potty training! It's definitely a tough step. One day he will wake up and just be ready. That's literally what happened with Korissa. Just be patient and when he is ready it will happen:)

Kate said...

Way to go!! You already know that we had to bust out the timer/naked method with Ben. I think God is now rewarding me with Liam, since Liam is pretty much potty training himself!