Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Daily - Day 4

Today there were more tears, more whining, and more bare bottom than I have ever wanted to experience in all my life.  But, Ethan didn't have one accident. Today seemed quiet and lonely with the curtains drawn (for privacy). Dave finally came home and it was nice to see a friendly face. I am working the first weekend here at camp and it is different not having weekends to yourself. I was on call this afternoon. I enjoy helping others, meeting people, and serving guests.

It doesn't seem much like Christmas around here, besides creating gifts like crazy, just for fun. Dave came home to a counter filled with resin rings that I created, just because. I am thinking of giving them away during a special activity coming up soon. Or, just having them in my purse for that person I come across in passing.

It was funny, Becca and I were at Craft Warehouse the day after Thanksgiving and we saw a gal working there and out comes fudge from Becca's purse. I was back in there Wednesday, and she said that she passed it out to some of the employees there and it was the best fudge they had ever tasted. I can't make Auntie Kay's fudge (for one thing the recipe is locked away in some vault) but I can make... rings. (Not quite the same but it's the thought that counts).


Barb said...

You are so right, it is the thought that's important. And Jen, your gifts always say, "You are important to me!" I love that about you!

Rebecca Grinder said...

*smile* for the record...I brought the fudge especially for Lynn...not in the habit of carrying pounds of Auntie K's fudge in my purse ;) glad they liked it!

Kati said...

look at it this way.....your rings won't live a lifetime on the hips!! ;) Sorry Becca.....SOOO happy to hear that Ethan didn't have an accident! GOOO ETHAN!