Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Daily - Day 1

So, the first day of December has come again and so has December Daily. I tried to not have too high of expectations today. since the last few days have been some of the worst in a while with Ethan. But, I couldn't help it. I guess I get excited getting the advent calendar filled with activities and fun things.

I mean, last year, was the worst December we could of had. What was I thinking potty training Ethan in December?!!! Helllloooo! It was terrible and something I try to forget. Now, every year, as I get ready for December 1st, I think of how much fun it was NOT last year.

Now, today, was a blessing. Not only did Ethan remember that it was the first day of Christmas, but he must have forgot about throwing fits every five minutes when he opened the first door of the advent. He read the activity himself and was actually excited about being able to go to the store to pick out a new ornament for the tree. Of course, he picked a blue, plastic, glitter covered, CUPCAKE. Did I mention it was blue? He walked around with it going, "Yum, yum, yum," while mimicking that he was eating it all up. Oh. dear. me.

We were able to make a trip into Turner today to drop something off at Aldersgate. We played on the playground I helped raise money for, which was put on the camp in May, and even took a small walk through what we use to call "the forest."

Us waiting for Sarah to return to class from picking children up from lunch.
We then visited Sarah's classroom and my boy was so well behaved. He asked Sarah why her classroom had no toys in it. But, he was content in picking a book out of the fifth grade library, sitting in the bean bag chair reading. Of course, he picked a Magic Treehouse chapter book and sat and read it. It was so comical to see him intensely reading this book where most preschoolers wouldn't have picked up one book let alone sit and read it. Ten minutes later, he turned the last page and gave it to Sarah, saying, "I finished. It was quite a long one." As if he really read the whole thing!

The rest of our day was filled with Hide n Seek, Chase Me, Tickle Me, and board games Dinosaur Bones and Connect Four. That was after my usual chores for the day, washing dishes, laundry, and cleaning the bathrooms.

It was a good day. I am thankful for it.

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Kati said...

oh my. connect 4. my nemesis. the year we got that for Ben I was forever picking up those little disks. love that he's reading a star wars book!