Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Daily - Day 2

I tried to be a little easier on myself this year. Some of the advent doors hold small treats or prizes. This gives me a little bit of a breather on filling the month with activities to do. Today, Ethan was excited to pull out a little package of legos. I am so surprised I fit it into the small opening. Ethan actually had a job in pulling it out. Ha! I am now not regretting purchasing little items during the year that go on sale or clearance and then putting them away for Ethan's Christmas stocking or the advent.

Ethan was excited to build his little spaceship and within fifteen minutes it was taken apart and strung all over the house. ;) That's why I only purchase the small kits that are ten dollars or less. I know I will be putting that puppy together at lease fifteen times this week.

The rest of the day was spent at the grocery store and at home making dinner. You would think it would be more of an eventful day; but for us, it seems like just getting out the door takes half and hour or more. We also played a few games of Uno (all in which I won - for a change) and Old Maid (in which I also won). ;)

I am not sure, but I think his distracted personality comes from me. I remember my mom asking me to do something and I would have done several things on the way to doing the one thing she asked me to do. So, of course, finishing a list of chores took two or three times longer. I see a little of this in Ethan. But, then he is only four. And he is a boy. So that explains some things.

We had several fits today. That's life. That's why documenting every day in December is real. It's not just about the good times, but it records our life right now. Now isn't easy. Now is filled with whining, tired days, and his fighting mom and dad. But, it is the here and now.

So, Ethan was surprised when I picked up the camera during dinner and took a picture. He didn't like that. Dinner is usually filled with complaining about having to eat his one "no thank you" bite. But hey, it is about capturing the everyday moments. Right?

Dad and Ethan sat together for a while and played video games together. Ethan doesn't stop talking the whole time and usually sits on Dad's lap or next to him with his arm wrapped around his shoulder. It is darling...

Before bed, I got to snuggle with the little man and read three Christmas stories with him. Every day it is quite the job to show this little one the true meaning of Christmas. With giving him the picture of Jesus in the manger right before bed, I hope it fills his mind as he sleeps.

Photos coming soon...


Kati said...

I love phrasing it as a "no thank you" bite! And you're nice...we have a 2 bite minimum...more if there are complaints!

Jen said...

Oh, no, he has to have a no thank you bite of every item on his plate. No more food later unless he eats all of his meal.