Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Daily - Day 3

I love Saturdays. It is a relaxing day around the house. It is the only day that Ethan is able to play his video games for a short while during the day. It is quiet. Peaceful. Restful. Dave works Saturdays but when he comes home we are excited for the beginning of the weekend.

Today Ethan needed a bandaid. When I taught preschool, the children never liked our plain bandaids because it didn't have characters on it. I got in the habbit of drawing a heart on it before giving it to the child telling them that it was a special bandaid with love on it. I would kiss it then, put it on telling them not to touch it because the love was healing the booboo. So, I knew his hand needed medicne and got a regular bandaid and did the same thing. He chuckled and said, "That's cute. Did you draw that on there?" It made me smile that I can get the same reaction from him that I got years ago from the children in my classroom...

Today we went to the store to pick out Ethan's cousin, Jeremy, a birthday present. Jeremy is now 17 and Ethan wanted to pick out the present this year. He got him the new Lego Star Wars movie. Dave got it for Ethan about a month or two ago and Dave and I love watching it more than Ethan. It is so funny... So, we were sure that Jeremy would get a kick out of it, being the Star Wars fan that he is.

Today was the beginning of a blog hop that I had for one of my design teams. I enjoyed the over 80 comments coming through my email all day long. It was loads of fun and it made me happy to see that so many paper crafters loved my Christmas project video I created for the hop. 

Photos coming soon...

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