Monday, March 16, 2009

Be Inspired...

I have been wanting a bit of a blog change for a while now... quite a bit of change. Can you tell? I have had friends and home school parents ask for help or ideas for their kids. I have been giving them our family blog address.

I realized that I would like to do a lot more with the teaching and art inspiration that I come up with, but I want to keep Ethan safe. I have been wanting to post quite a bit more about my art projects but realized that our family kind of gets lost in the blog. I want to focus our family's blog on the happenings of our life and keep my creative mind channeled! ;)

Teach Often is going to be a site dedicated to ideas to help you and your kids have fun (in school or at home)! Create Often will keep my art pieces and ideas managed! Hopefully all this means is that Dave can look on his family's blog and find pictures of his family and the rest of you will still be inspired!

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Kate said...

thank you! thank you! thank you! I bow and kiss your feet!!!! Your commitment to teaching Ethan inspires me! =]