Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Here Mama..."

If you think it's been quiet over at the Evans' - you're right! We have all been sick. I caught that nasty stomach flu. Tammy and Jess had it several weeks ago... maybe it takes several weeks to make make it out here in the canyon. ;)

Actually, that's the first smile I could mustard up in the last three days. Dave asked me yesterday if I was mad at him. When I asked him why he thought so he said, "Normally when I come home you talk my ear off." Ha! Wow! Learned a lesson last night for sure!

Ethan has been feeling a bit better today. I am a little slow but feeling better to get some cleaning around the house. I just let the house go - I couldn't even get off the sofa! Ethan was a great helper. He would get me a blanket and say, "Here, Mama..." while patting it on me. What a sweetheart...


Rebecca Grinder said...

What a sweetie Ethan is! Miss you guys and hope you are all well soon!

Tammy said...

Hope you are well soon, that bug is not fun, and it's super contagious.