Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drawing "I"s

I couldn't help but take picture of our craft, yesterday! Ethan made it so fun. I traced his hand onto orange paper.

I think this was his first time to have his hand traced and cut out in this way. When I finished cutting out each hand, Ethan used a glue stick to glue them onto his bird's body as wings.

I then gave him his crayon and told him to make "eyes" on his bird. He thought I meant "i"s and so that's what he did.

We hung it from the ceiling next to his collection of art. We are getting quite the gallery.

We moved our bags off the window onto the cupboard. I don't know how many times the bags fell off because of the cold weather. They haven't come off once in their new home and are growing nicely.

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Rebecca Grinder said...

So are these bean sprouts edible? I was wondering if in a couple of weeks I can come over for a salad?